Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday's Best!

I don't know what was best about this lunch I had two Sundays ago. 
The company, the food or the place. 

I suppose that after you have seen all the photos, you will agree with me when I say that all three was something anyone in their right mind would immensely enjoy.

An hour and a half (including traffic) from Makati, we found the home of Rene Orosa hidden somewhere in Alfonso, Cavite. 

I was told about the great cook that he is, especially the adobo with foie gras so I had skipped my breakfast to prepare myself for what was prepared for us. If that isn't enough, I was going to go with Ms. Bella Yuchengco, who brought with her green mango salad with chicharon toppings and dessert.

Anyway, will tell you more about the food later, right now, I want to show you the weekend home of Rene. 

I love the use of old wood and cemented floor. 

And now, for the FOOD!!!

Tita Bella's delicious salad. I could eat this every single day of my life. It's THAT good. 

The famous adobo with foie gras. I loved the way the adobo came off the bone without effort. Rene's instructions was to drown your rice with the sauce. It's exactly what I did! Not sure how I can ever eat adobo without foie gras from now on. 

I totally forgot what the name of this fish is but it is probably I also forgot my name after eating it. It's tender, moist and flavorful. Best thing about it? It's boneless!!! 

Prawn salad with heart of banana in coconut milk! I especially love where the dish is served. Never thought that the skin of the heart of banana can be so pretty. 

For dessert, homemade pineapple turnover. Seriously the best I have had in my whole life. That's probably because this dessert never really interested me but now that I have had this, I am hooked. 

Tita Bella also made homemade mango samurai. Now, tell me, with friends like this, how the heck am I ever going to lose weight?? 

The happy campers. 

Let this NOT be the last time please!!!!!! 
I love my life. 

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