Thursday, September 5, 2013

YStyle Turns 10.

An event that we were waiting forever for finally happened last Monday. Knowing Bea Ledesma, this party/show would be one for the books and she didn't disappoint. Neither did Joey Samson, who showed a 40 piece collection. 

But before we were able to enter the ballroom, we were treated to an artfest! 

With flash, you will be able to see the millions of butterfly paper cut outs. 

Without the flash, it looked even more awesome!

Never imagined how slippers can be so dramatic!

So many people attended that I wasn't able to check out the other art installations but I did however, bump into very artistic people and friends. 

Emi Jorge, Puey Quinones and Jae Pickrell. 

Ronald Pineda. 

The crazy bunch! Darryl, Paulo, Jujin and Melvin. 

Dong Ronquillo. 

 The details are in the back!

My tablemates, Maureen Disini and Ria Prieto. 

Tim and I.

My dates, Janina and Lucille. 

Ariel Lozada directed the show and it was amazing!!! 

Photo by Suki Salvador


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