Tuesday, April 24, 2018

JBD in Lifestyle Asia, April 2018

Thank you Lifestyle Asia for including Simbolo in your Special Feature portion. 

The Social Scene features Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, thanks to Roko Arceo (stylist), Yukie Sarto (photographer), Sara Siguion-Reyna (writer) and the whole team of Lifestyle Asia for the wonderful feature.

Grab your copy! 

Sala with my Doñas.

It started with drinks. Ven usually orders for me because she knows that I have zero knowledge about alcohol. She knows that I like it sweet wherein I can hardly taste the bitterness. She got me an Amaretto Sour. I've had this before but I just can't seem to remember how my body reacted to it. It tasted so good. 

I drank and within 5 minutes, I was practically ready to slide of all the table setting so I can dance on the table. Such a disgrace. I remember my ears burning and face ready to burst with so much blood. I did, however, make my Doñas laugh which is something I am happy about. 

They all say that I need more practice. 

Sala is always a good idea. I love the newly renovated restaurant and the food is always good. Service, impeccable. 

Can't wait for my next "practice" session with you girls. Love you! 

Tiff at Ruby Jack's.

Celebrating the birthday of Tiff is always such a treat. Not only do we get to have plenty of laughs and juicy stories, we get to partake in a delicious meal. 

This year, we had it in Ruby Jack's in City of Dreams where the most tender and juicy steak is prepared with perfection. When you ask for medium rare, you are surely to get it just right. 

But first, we had fresh oysters. Seriously? I can have more than a dozen of these. 

Scallops are served in a sizzling plate. 

Lamb! (I am drooling)

And of course, dessert. 

The cheesecake is the winner. 

It is always such a fun night with these beautiful ladies. 
Happy Birthday Tiff. You know we love you!

Vatos, Kor-Mex Restaurant.

Tried Vatos the other night with the family. We enjoyed the food and ambiance. Service was great. However, be prepared to dig deep in your pockets. You would probably need to spend more than a thousand bucks per person to get full. Serving size is quite small. As a friend told me, he finds it more of a bar chow kind of a restaurant. 

Their version of lumpia. I liked the flavor. 

Carnitas are good but I think that it may be too expensive for these two pieces. 

I like this a lot. It's very cheesy and it arrived hot and crispy. 

Their burrito might need a bit more meat in them but I like the flavor. 

Chicken wings are always a favorite of mine. I liked their Tequila-Honey wings. 

Nutella nachos ala mode. 

For people that know me, you know that half a glass of happy liquid will get me totally sloshed but I had one glass of their margarita and I didn't even get red-faced which only means that their drinks might be weak. 

Vatos Urban Tacos
G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dizon Versus Dizon

Thank you to Metro Society for featuring Janina and I in your December - January 2018 issue of Versus. It was fun shooting it. 

Shout out to Ivar Aseron for my black dress and Jul B. Dizon for my jewels. 

Thank you to House of Laurel for my blue and black gown as seen below. It made me feel like royalty. Everything that's featured on my page (except for the jewelry) are gifts from my wonderful friends. I am a lucky girl. Salamat. 

The Body Revolution.

"In 4 days, 64 people shared their stories and opened their hearts to me and the She Talks Asia team. We talked about their journey to loving their bodies - loving themselves. I learned so much in the process. The most common themes are acceptance, kindness (to yourself and others), self care, honoring and respecting our bodies. We can only truly love others once we learn to love and accept ourselves, bodies included. Every Body is Worthy of Love."

- Iza Calzado

James Marsden and The Dizon Sisters.

Call me eagle eye. Yup, when we dine at the Lobby of The Pen, you can be sure that I am not looking at who's across me or my food, my eyes are automatically in search of hot looking men that may be walking around the hotel. 

Because of this awesome talent of mine, I was able to spot the hunky and famous Hollywood actor, James Marsden. He has been in many movies such as 

The X-Men


The Notebook

But his latest movie is entitled The Wrong Girl, didn't even make it to the cinemas. Pity. 
Here he is with his co-star, Janina Dizon. 

Happy to announce that he is now working on a new blockbuster hit with the 
hottest celebrity right now, ME. Hope you can all support and watch it. 

Rated R-18.