Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Style Weekend, Lifetime Jewelry.

A great big THANKS to Liza Ilarde for writing about our anniversary show last July. We are also very grateful for all the guests that attended and supported out event. 

Busy Birthday Bash, Part 1.

July is usually a very busy month for me. Aside from 5 family members celebrating their birthdays, including myself, we have our annual jewelry show that we prepare months ahead for. Late nights, early mornings and lots of eating in between. 

Gone were the days when I would organize a huge party to celebrate my birthday. Nowadays, it's a small and intimate breakfast, lunch or dinner for this old lady. 

Started last week when I arranged a dinner with my Donas namely Macky Fah, Venisse Hermano and Joanna Cabangon. We had it in my newest favorite hang out (mainly because it is a 3-minute walk from home), Pablo. They also serve delicious food and service is great. 

Thanks to Booky, I was able to get this free dessert!!! 

Love you Donas! 

The next day, Bea Ledesma, Dennis and I had dinner at Kai where Bea treated me to yummy Japanese food!! 

Thank you for dinner B!!!!

Afterwards, we watched Ghostbusters. Bea taught me that my fingers don't have to get oily when eating butter popcorn! Ask for gloves! 

This celebration was followed by a breakfast date with Dennis Lustico, Ivar Aseron and Robby Carmona at Escolta of The Pen. 

Thank you to my Peninsula Manila family for the cake!

On the eve of my birthday, I celebrated it at home with family, potluck junk food style. 


S and R pizza




On the day itself, I had no plans. I thought it would be a lazy day wherein I can just stay in bed the entire day but I was surprised by dinner prepared by Ginny and K. Cedric. 

Melissa and Apollo sent me this!! Heaven!!!

There's more but I can't really flood this post with too much food. Just looking at it is making my tummy growl. 

So far, it has been a very fun-filled birthday, thanks to my dear friends and family. 

MEGA Features Jacqueline!

So happy to see my baby girl on the pages of MEGA, August 2016 issue. 

Thank you to Ms. Peewee Isidro and team for featuring her in Styletalks. 

Lucille, a great big thanks for helping her with this shoot!!

I am a proud mama!!

Buy your copies now!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tod's Winter Collection 2016.

A sport and sartorial world is the white canvas on which the collection is painted. A workshop of leather and interweaving shapes is found in the Tod’s winter collection in quality and nonchalance.

This interweave theme pervades bikers, trenches, blazers and dresses, through to accessories, closures and belts of exquisite leathers in plain, padded and quilted styles. 

The Tod’s winter footwear collection transforms the 30’s sporting elegance into an urban and contemporary vision, decisively feminine in its aesthetic. Accessories are adorned with graphic stitching and threading, deliberately irregular, such as in exquisite saddlery craftsmanship. 

HOOK BOOT The high heel ankle boot flaunts a technical type of lacing: metallic hooks with coloured laces intertwined, climbing sinuously from the sole upwards. This ultra-feminine style, available in ponyskin as well as classic brushed leathers, is spiced up with the coloured laces, in tones of reds and purples. 

 DOUBLE T The updated moccasin, tapered and defined with the Double T clamp, feels as soft as a slipper. From brushed leathers to coloured python skins, the metal buckle detail is present on all.

GOMMINO Tod’s iconic style is embellished with saddle stitches, check intertwining style stitching, tassels and chains or the Double T buckle. A versatile shoe in all senses and, if worn in the traditional style yet with socks, the gommino appears even more contemporary!

WAVE BAG The iconic bag is part of the world of saddlery, handmade, modern and sophisticated. With the wave, Tod’s places leather and craftsmanship center-stage in a vast workshop of exquisite new styles. The wave interpretation of the iconic Tod’s geometric pattern is realized with velvet inlaid on leather. A check version, sees the bag completed by an artisanal interwoven tartan, whilst another features a deliberately irregular pattern of luxury tartan technique applied all over the leather.

DOUBLE T The buckle is a powerful signature. Precious and feminine, Tod’s Double T bags comes in a myriad of new finishes. A saddle stitch style in padded leather, a geometric print defined silhouette in patchwork, shines when this pattern in realised metal studs, an eccentric with fur, evoking kilt culture, and leather tassels.

My favorite set? This one....hint hint...

In the Philippines, Tod’s is located at Greenbelt 4 and Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza. 
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I did in Guam.

1. Watch the sunrise as Dennis and I arrived at 4 am. After, we slept until noon. 

2. Watched the view from my balcony of The Lotte Hotel. 

3. Walked to a restaurant nearby to have BBQ ribs. It wasn't that great. 

4. Went to DFS and did a little shopping. 

5. Went home to rest and watch the sunset. 

6. Went to the Lotte lobby for the welcome cocktails for Big Pride 2016 hosted by Mike Kilayko.

7. Asleep by 11 pm. #lolamode

8. Wake up at 10am and wait for Dennis to wake up (12noon). We are both starving. We decide to rent a car. 

9. Had lunch at PROA, our favorite restaurant in Guam. 
Order the TRIO, best BBQ and value for money.

Happiness in my face. 

10. Went to KMart, Ross and Macy's. 

Got my Cap'n Crunch stash. 

11. Went back to the hotel for some beach and pool time. 

12. Got ready for the Big Pride party at Globe. A selfie in my bathroom with my underwear hanging to dry captured by Dennis. 

13. Big Pride 2016 starts! FUN FUN FUN all night long. Went home around 2 pm. #notsololanowami

14. Got to see Alyssa Edwards perform. A wonderful idea to invite her to Guam for this event, Mike. 

15. Slept until 11am. Woke up hungry. Dennis, Mike and I decide to eat at PROA again. 

16. Went back to hotel to nap. #lolacantfunction

17. Went to Hotel Nikko for Chinese dinner hosted by Mike. Our goal? To order food and drinks that will amount to $1,000 because that's how much credit Mike has. We failed by $100.00. #losers

18. Back to the hotel and home after a few hours. 

Thank you so much Mike for a wonderful weekend. You are awesome at what you do. Dennis, you are a blast to travel with. 

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