Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jul Dizon Jewellery Documentary Film

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Simbolo Endorsers!

Nothing abstract about nationhood nowadays. Ideals and ideas related to it abound on everyday street and in everyday conversation. 

Inspired by the Filipino culture and the Filipino people, Simbolo is neither new nor trendy to my family. Although the current rekindling of patriotic feelings in the Philippines led us to recognize the burning passion for identity and culture and turn it into gems in this 2017 collection, what Simbolo stands for has been a recurring theme in our lives with our mother, a patriot, who was as obsessed with making jewelry as with helping educate the people on how to make the country prosper. 

The name notwithstanding, Simbolo speaks not of mere concepts, but of past, present, and future, of heart and heritage, and not in abstractions but in tangibles finely crafted with precious stones, diamonds, sapphires and rubies, with pearls and peridots, and many other exquisite gemstones, in solid 18K gold. 

What's more, as the jewelry is designed to suit the love of country that should be, in fact, an everyday mood, vibrant and fervent and unmistakable, Jul B. Dizon Jewellery has collaborated with everyday Filipinos, celebrated yet accessible, unique yet reflective of the aspirations of so many, and with a style enhanced by the Filipino's innate East-meets-West sensibilities and global perspective. 

Iza Calzado is every inch a Filipino artist, respected for her incredible portrayals in Philippine film, which she does from the very depths of her soul, a fine specimen of the artistic spirit that is innate in the Filipino. With British-Filipino Ben Wintle, who has opted to make the Philippines his home, having found his niche in the country's digital potential, Iza forms half of a beautiful partnership and a very rosy future.

  LUCY TORRES GOMEZ Lucy Torres Gomez, a long-time muse of Jul B. Dizon, is the face of the beautiful Filipina. Gentle and caring, the actress, politician, wife, and mother has inspired many a collection at Jul B. Dizon and the grace with which she performs her many roles, as well as the lives she touches, is part of the narrative of promise and potential of every Filipino that the collection Simbolo has been designed precisely to symbolize. 

Hindy Weber's shift from city girl to a true child of Mother Earth is nothing short of groundbreaking. Although she has quietly withdrawn herself from the frenetic pace of fashion, she remains a style icon, whose influence is now leading us back to the farms, to the soil, to the Earth, to living a life that is more healthy, more soulful, and eco-friendly. Hers is a mission that is now making giving back to the planet a fashionable thing to do.

Julianna Gomez is the youngest of these Filipinos handpicked to represent Simbolo. Simple and charming, always with a positive outlook, this daughter of power couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, at such an early age, already dreams of making a difference in Filipino lives, a life in politics perhaps.

Nix Alanon and Vince Uy are design powerhouses, both a very strong force in the gay community. With the former's knack for interior design and the latter's work as creative director in a fashion magazine, they help shape modern Filipino attitudes toward style and class and, both down-to-earth and brimming with passion, they imbue these attitudes always with a joyful spirit.

Pauline Juan gave up her illustrious career as one of the most influential magazine editors in the country to focus on being a wife and the mother of her three boys. While she is now busy traveling with her family through the wonders of the world, Pauline is one the industry may never forget for her invaluable contribution to shaping the face of local fashion, as well as for her own personal style that is always on point and her very own. 

 As embodied by these personalities and in honor of the Dizon matriarch, Jul B. Dizon, who wore her jewelry every day, who wore her coral stud earrings or turquoise necklace and always her diamond ring even to the wet market, Simbolo and its many lines –Luzviminda, Mananayaw, Kubo, Sandata, Icono, Perdible, Bandila -- are designed for everyday use, for all ages, and for every Filipino. 

 After all, the story of a nation is a gem like no other and at no other time is it more prized than today.

For more details, please call 8864638 and 6336553.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Walk into Grace Park.

I have only eaten here once before so I am very grateful to Lucy Gomez when she suggested that we have dinner in Grace Park last Friday. 

Everything that we ordered was truly delicious. Service was quick and food was served hot!
Happy tummies and the company was equally great. 

Lucy kept mentioning the avocado pie, which unfortunately, they had run out of. That only gives us another reason to come back. 

Thank you for the laughter! We should do this again soon!!

Grace Park

Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Trying Hard Gang.

This dinner was, no exaggeration, five months in the making. We all wanted to get together before Christmas but getting all nine of us available at the same night is just so difficult....but a few weeks ago, we finally did it. 

The restaurant of choice, after many many reservations and cancellations is Bar Pintxos in Fort. We all agreed that the food is consistently good and it's quite near to everybody. 

Turned out, it became Christine's birthday treat for the gang. So, a great big thank you for that Chris!! 

Now, let's start with what we had. 

Love this.

Tortilla Patatas Chorizo, so-so. 

I could eat this all myself. 

A must try. Lamb Paella.

Chopito Frito. They either need a smaller plate or more squid per order. 

Our usual group shot....but wait, after seeing this photo, Christine said that it looked too stiff. That it didn't seem like we were such good friends...she wanted us closer....perhaps a selfie is best....

So in the car, Santi tried.... (disaster).

In Tomatito, where we had dessert, it was Jo's turn to try. (Not everyone was happy about this photo.)

So we passed the phone to Ven..... (seems decent enough).

But we all went back to having a waiter take the shot. 

But no matter how near or far, how often or seldom I see them, I love my friends dearly. 

Thank you for dessert Tiff!!!

I still have to try out Tomatito for dinner but Bar Pintxos, I shall return. 

Bar Pintxos
+632 8101307

P.S. We call ourselves the TH gang because we try so hard to stay out late and party like rockstars. But sadly, we were all tired come midnight. 

Thumbs Up for Samba!

After a semi-tiring shoot for Jul B. Dizon, Lucille and I invited Pauline and Sara to have dinner. Thankfully, Pauline suggested Samba in Fort Shang. The first time I ate here was the opening so naturally, the food was passed around and the lines were long so I was not sure if the food was any good or not. 

I don't even know what they are called. I lost track because the four of us were going crazy over the selection. I suggest you just show the waiter these photos and I guarantee you a great dining experience. 


Soft shell crab




Cheers to good Peruvian food!

I can't wait to go back. 

+632 820-0888

Cafe Fleur in Angeles.

One Saturday afternoon, my Dad suddenly wanted to go to Angeles City to try Cafe Fleur by Chef Sau because he saw it in Facebook and believes that we are related to him. So at around 5 pm, we headed towards the North to have dinner that's 1 hour and 45 minutes away. 

With the name Cafe Fleur, I imagined it to be a pretty house with lots of beautiful flowers and a lush garden. Also, I thought it was sandwiches, tea and pastries. To my surprise, it a Filipino (Kapampangan) restaurant! This is was going to be testy because my Dad is from San Fernando and he is a great cook. 

Love the way their tamales is presented. I was also told that it tasted good. I don't like tamales at all so I skipped it. 

Ukoy. Not bad. 

The Piko salad with salted egg was yummy!!! 

Sisig was so so...(I prefer it sizzling) but believe it or not, I enjoyed the rice. 

The prettiest Kare-Kare I have ever had. So neatly presented, it also tasted delicious. Though, they may have to find a way to make the skin crispy for a longer period of time. 

Only dessert that's worth the calories. Pandan sans-rival. 

Thank you for the food trip Dad! 

Cafe Fleur
L-463B Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga