Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dizon Versus Dizon

Thank you to Metro Society for featuring Janina and I in your December - January 2018 issue of Versus. It was fun shooting it. 

Shout out to Ivar Aseron for my black dress and Jul B. Dizon for my jewels. 

Thank you to House of Laurel for my blue and black gown as seen below. It made me feel like royalty. Everything that's featured on my page (except for the jewelry) are gifts from my wonderful friends. I am a lucky girl. Salamat. 

The Body Revolution.

"In 4 days, 64 people shared their stories and opened their hearts to me and the She Talks Asia team. We talked about their journey to loving their bodies - loving themselves. I learned so much in the process. The most common themes are acceptance, kindness (to yourself and others), self care, honoring and respecting our bodies. We can only truly love others once we learn to love and accept ourselves, bodies included. Every Body is Worthy of Love."

- Iza Calzado

James Marsden and The Dizon Sisters.

Call me eagle eye. Yup, when we dine at the Lobby of The Pen, you can be sure that I am not looking at who's across me or my food, my eyes are automatically in search of hot looking men that may be walking around the hotel. 

Because of this awesome talent of mine, I was able to spot the hunky and famous Hollywood actor, James Marsden. He has been in many movies such as 

The X-Men


The Notebook

But his latest movie is entitled The Wrong Girl, didn't even make it to the cinemas. Pity. 
Here he is with his co-star, Janina Dizon. 

Happy to announce that he is now working on a new blockbuster hit with the 
hottest celebrity right now, ME. Hope you can all support and watch it. 

Rated R-18. 

The Love of Javi and Tim.

To celebrate love is always an easy way to get people together. This time, it was the union of Tim and Javi that I decided to get everyone onboard a special 9-course dinner at Crystal Dragon in City of Dreams (IG account @cityofdreamsmanila) that 
Ms. Charisse Chuidian organized and co-hosted for us. 

To make it even more fun and exciting, I ordered t-shirts that would spell out JAVI LOVES TIM and have everyone wear it for our photo op. 

I wasn't able to take photos of all the food because as soon as it was placed on the table, we were all on attack mode. 

Because it was Chinese New Year, we were made to do a ritual where we chanted out loud our wishes and hopes for the year while mixing the salad with mega long chopsticks. The salad, by the way, was very delicious. 

Thanks to JC Buendia for the food shots! 

Did I tell you that we also celebrated the birthdays of Lulu Tan Gan and Robby Carmona?

A big shout out to Chef Mannix (IG account @cakesbymannix) for giving the couple a 4-tiered wedding cake and cookies to the guests. He can literally do ANY design that you want him to. 

I think the night went very well and we all had a great time. 

Love you, Tim and Javi. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Chinese best at Crystal Dragon.

I used to live in QC. For two years now, I have been in Makati because the traffic is just getting worse. It is so bad that going to Fort is already such an effort for me. Spending hours in the car that is 3 kilometers away is just crazy. But what more when you think City of Dreams, right? 

Interestingly enough, I went at 11 am on a Saturday and it took me only 15 minutes. Not only was I ecstatic about how pleasant that experience was, my tummy was going to get a wonderful treat from Crystal Dragon thanks to Charisse Chuidian and her staff! 

Brought the toughest food critic in the world, my Dad, and he was extremely happy with the food! 

With this simple and delightful lunch, I am convinced that even if it will take me an hour to go back to Crystal Dragon, I will surely take on that challenge because it is totally worth the trip. 

A great thanks to the chef for this appetizer. 

Complimentary dessert!! 

City of Dreams, Crystal Dragon. Click below for more information. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Iza Calzado Goes Rogue with JBD.


Big thanks to Rogue for using Jul B. Dizon Jewellery for this feature. 
Get your copy now!! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Unicorn-filled Birthday for Iza Calzado.

Iza wanted a children's party and we had 5 days to organize it. Along with Cheska, Iza and I did what we could do to fill the pool area with Unicorn magic. 

We absolutely love this Unicorn floater. A rainbow and ice cream floater was a gift from Party Pals.

A super cute pinata.

I still love helium-filled balloons. 

I gave Iza a unicorn carrot cake made by CakesbyMannix (Instagram).

We had pabitin, pinata and palayok as games. 

The Birthday Angels. Cheska, Iza and yours truly. 

The guests. ENJOY!

The men go wild on the pabitin. 

But the women are SAVAGES. 

Carbs allowed today!

The gang.

Nix tries and kills the palayok! Ben assists. 

Check out that power!

Iza, Ruffa, Jordan and Pie. 

Mark Nicdao, b-day girl and Pam Quinones.

Such a cute photo with Pouf cotton candy!

The b-day girl does a duet with JM. 

Karylle, Iza and Jacqueline belt out a song. 

Brother of Iza is a mean rapper!!! 

Better late than never, Tim Yap arrives. 

Ben presents the b-day cake as Iza makes a serious and deep wish. 

Happy Birthday to my sister! I love you!!!