Saturday, March 30, 2019

Kalachuchi Launch.

When Lucy and I got to talking about July of 2018, I told her that whenever she is ready, we can already work on our third collaboration. 

It is always so exciting to see what she has up her sleeve. By October, we were drawing, discussing, erasing and laughing over what the collection should be. 

So afterwards, our production got into full swing to make our dreams come true. 

I hired my dearest Robert Blancaflor to transform Spices of The Peninsula Manila into a garden where people can just relax and have fun. He literally brought in a Kalachuchi tree into the venue. 

The Peninsula Manila team truly did a great job in preparing all the delicious bites and for agreeing to all my demands. At the end of the day, I think everyone was happy with the food and drinks. 

Special thanks to Ange dela Cruz for styling the round grazing table. The whole success of the event wouldn't be the same without her. 

The Peninsula Manila has a new Beverage Manager, Rico Deang and he showcased tropical drinks that all the guests loved. 

I had a kariton made and offered fresh coconut juice!

Lulu Tan Gan had the perfect dresses for the models and especially for Lucy. 

Big thanks to these two. Jody, my daughter, was put in as Project Manager or this event. I am proud of her. My Dad is always our pillar of strength. 

Jacqueline, my other daughter was tasked to do all the make up of the models and I think she did an amazing job. 

I can totally feel my Mom guiding me in everything that I do. 
Thank you everyone for all the love and support. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

JBD in PAL's Mabuhay Magazine.

If you are flying PAL, hope you can check out our Simbolo in one of the pages. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Weekend Bliss at Anya Resort.

Thanks to Toni Gregory and Lia Bernardo, I was able to see and stay in Anya Resorts in Tagaytay. As soon as I could, I had booked for another weekend stay because I wanted to bring my Dad and my daughters to see this beautiful place that's only an hour and a half away from Makati.

My dad, who's very critical about every single thing imaginable, was very impressed. 

During our stay, we were able to enjoy a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, a great time at the pool and sleep soundly in their very comfortable villa. 

I also met their Executive Chef, Jonathan Bouthlauz from Saint-Malo, France. At a young age of 33, this talented chef has a history of working for 5-star hotels all over the world, some of which have the much coveted Michelin star. 

He started his career 16 years ago and his passion for cooking has landed his first Executive Chef position in Anya Resort, his first assignment in Asia. He began working for Anya October 2017 and being his first time in the country, he had to learn how to cook Filipino dishes and add his own signature to the menu. 

I asked him about the challenges he has faced as a chef and confidently he says, "None, I have a relationship with my meat and seafood suppliers from Dubai, Australia and Europe and they continue to bring me the best of what they have to offer. It is what I want the guests of Anya to have as well."

"The oysters we serve come from France, steak from Australia and sea bass and salmon from Europe. For dessert, I work with a very talented Filipino pastry chef. We try to infuse my knowledge with his in creating delicious sweets using local fruits and ingredients. I like for him to explore French ideas so that the guests can have a taste of both culinary worlds." 

And that we did. My dad, Jody and Jacqui and I left Tagaytay with a sense of happiness about having a place like Anya to run to for a restful weekend. 

To the whole staff that made our stay wonderful, THANK YOU. We shall be back for more.