Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bamba's Bistro Bonanza!

Only one reason why you can make me go to Paranaque or Alabang area on a weeknight. GOOD FOOD. 

Luckily, the company is always awesome with this gang of mine. Tita Bella Yuchengco, Dennis, Ivar and I have this small group of restaurant explorers but lately, we are just tagging along the recommendations of Tita Bella because when she says it's good to eat at a particular place, we never go home disappointed. 

This time, the chosen one was Bamba's Bistro in BF Homes, Paranaque. 

Everything she ordered hit the spot, especially since the ride going there made us extremely hungry. 

Everything you see down below is a must try. Trust me. Slurp up all the sauce.

Very rich but very delicious. You may need more bread to finish all the cheesy goodness. 

A mountain of fresh greens with goat cheese. Maybe a tad bit too sweet for me but we still attacked that dish like beasts. 

Under all that green is foie gras.....Lesson? Don't judge the salad by it's topping. 

My favorite....Tapsilog in hyper-mode. This baby is to die for. 

Very rich but truly good. I would prefer it to be a little less sweet though. 

Now this sweet ending is just something else. Two orders of this strawberry goodness split into 4 is the  perfect ending. 

A birthday cake for the celebrants was sent to our table. 

Thank you so much for dinner Tita Bella. Happy Birthday to you both. Love you!

Bamba's Bistro
55 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes, Paranaque
T: 5197097

Wildflour in Rockwell.

A lunch hosted by Ana de Ocampo to celebrate the birthdays of Mia Borromeo and Lulu Tan Gan. The funniest thing is their birthdays was months ago. Just shows how loved these people are. 

Aside from the wonderful people I had lunch with, the food was of course, extremely delicious. I love the ambiance of Wildflour in Rockwell. It's so nice, homey and warm. I kinda feel that the one in Salcedo (my usual hangout place) may need a renovation already. 

Thank you so much Ana for the treat and Happy Birthday again and again to Mia and Lulu! 

Chorizo and seafood with homemade pasta. 

For those who love spicy vegetables, this order is for you. 

Chicken pate...oh so yummy. 

Love the presentation. 

A very hefty portioned salmon dish. Ana told us that the fish is always fresh. 

The winnerest of them all. Steak. Juicy, tender and very flavorful.

As an experiment for the day, Ana told the chef to just make something out of Filipino desserts and layer it all on top of one another. Result? Perfection. Biko in coconut milk, ube, leche flan extravaganza. 

The celebrants blew their nth candle for the year. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The New Benjarong.

A little late with the news that Benjarong has been moved to the ground floor of Dusit Thani Manila. Not even sure when that happened but I am glad it did. 

Couple of nights ago, we celebrated the birthday of Chuvaness in Benjarong and we were all quite happy about it. Maybe except for the fact that we called in to make a reservation, told them that we are celebrating a birthday and hoped for a small cake with a candle for the celebrant. It never came. 

Dennis, Poma, Lucille, Janina, Cecile and yours truly.

Aside from that, the food was quick to arrive was served hot. 

Happy that aside from People's Palace, there's another Thai restaurant that I like. 

Super love the duck curry. 

Also a must is this pork belly. 

Dusit Thani Manila

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

JBD in Lifestyle Asia, April 2018

Thank you Lifestyle Asia for including Simbolo in your Special Feature portion. 

The Social Scene features Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, thanks to Roko Arceo (stylist), Yukie Sarto (photographer), Sara Siguion-Reyna (writer) and the whole team of Lifestyle Asia for the wonderful feature.

Grab your copy! 

Sala with my Doñas.

It started with drinks. Ven usually orders for me because she knows that I have zero knowledge about alcohol. She knows that I like it sweet wherein I can hardly taste the bitterness. She got me an Amaretto Sour. I've had this before but I just can't seem to remember how my body reacted to it. It tasted so good. 

I drank and within 5 minutes, I was practically ready to slide of all the table setting so I can dance on the table. Such a disgrace. I remember my ears burning and face ready to burst with so much blood. I did, however, make my Doñas laugh which is something I am happy about. 

They all say that I need more practice. 

Sala is always a good idea. I love the newly renovated restaurant and the food is always good. Service, impeccable. 

Can't wait for my next "practice" session with you girls. Love you!