Monday, January 23, 2017

Made Nice Supper Club.

If you haven't yet, you are missing out. Made Nice Supper Club offers dishes that are truly delicious. Located in Legaspi Village, this restaurant is a casual venue for specialty foods such as foie gras, octopus, lamb, halibut and such. 


Loved this too! Good for sharing. 

Creamy and rich. Good for sharing. 

Super yummy. Order is for one person.

Oh, goodness..... so delicious.

Hit and miss. Some had a weird taste but some didn't. I enjoyed how tender and juicy it was. 

Very rich! Good enough for 4 people. 

Dennis and I ordered this HUGE rainbow cake for the birthday celebrants! It's our official favorite cake evahhh... 

Happy to be with the gang. 

Happy Birthday to these beautiful ladies!

Made Nice Supper Club
G/F PPI Bldg, 109 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village
0995 017 2482

Though not their fault, the restaurant does not have a toilet so guests have to use the communal bathroom located at the main entrance of the building. I have to tell you that it is gross. Flush doesn't work, there are no toilet seats, the floor is all wet and grime all over. To PPI Building, PLEASE do something about it and to Made Nice Supper Club, demand them to renovate the toilets YOUR guests are most likely to use. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Venice in September.

Here are my tips if planning a trip to Venice. 

1. Don't bring your kids that need a stroller. It is not wheel friendly. Don't wear heels. Stairs, miles of walking and cobbled steps await you. I pitied those struggling with their luggage, though you can hire a luggage carrier.

2. Gondola ride is about 80 euro but 8 people can fit so if you really want to ride in one, make friends with other tourists and share the fare!

3.  The weather was perfect when I went end of September. The sun was out but the wind was cool. Wear sunscreen and light clothing. Don't forget, rubber shoes or any footwear that's comfortable is a must. 

4. Shopping is fun! So many boutiques along the narrow streets. I bought my Ballin shoes at 50% off, plus tax refund. Not a bad deal. 

5. Take a taxi that goes around the island and take lots of photos. Venice is too beautiful and try to embed the images deeply into your mind. 

6. Visit the market and see what the locals are buying. Warning, it smells really fishy. 

7. Try to find time to visit Hotel Cipriani. They have their own taxi that will take you to their hotel for free. Rhoda and I had lunch there before going to the airport to leave for Paris. It was a very nice experience to be surrounded by such elegance. 

8. Surround yourself with good friends. Thank you Rhoda for being my tour guide. 

9. Try to be more aware of time. We were enjoying our meal too much that we didn't realize that we would be late for our flight if we take the tram so we had no choice but to take a private taxi straight to the airport. Bye bye 100 euro.  See you again Venice! I love you.

10. Go back.

Lucy, Cameo and Turquoise.

Another Perfect Dinner.

A great way to end the year would be to gather all your favorite people, organize a celebrity chef to cook and have the dinner in a beautiful home. That's exactly how 2016 ended for me when Tiff invited Chef Karla Mendoza to prepare a special dinner for us in Tess Reyes' house. 

First, let me show you how TR decorated her house for the holidays. 

Even before we got to sit down, we were bombarded with delicious appetizers.

Olive Oil Poached Tuna in Butter Lettuce Cups.

Haricot Vert Fritti with Basil Aioli

After gobbling up the hors d'oeuvre out by the pool, we were escorted to the main dining area for the dinner extravaganza. 

The chefs and the host.

The amazing table set up.

Whole leaf caesar salad with anchovy croutons and fried parsley. 

Charred octopus with potatoes, lemon and celery

Pan roasted snapper with creamy potatoes, bacon and leeks

Braised beef brisket with local grits and horseradish gremolata

Vanilla panna cotta with mango and mint

But knowing this group, one kind of dessert is just not enough so we added a few more sweet things to make our tummies completely happy. 

Creme brulee cake

I love cassava and leche flan but someone 'evil' put them together and made this cassa-flan! 
It is to die for. Follow @goldeesalcedo in Instagram and order yours today!!!

As we were waiting for each course to come out, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful my friends are so I decided to take photos of them individually around the house. It was fun to bring out the inner models of my simple and shy friends. 

Jasmin Jamora, that smile.

Tess Reyes, that skin!

Christine Yap, that profile.

Tiffany Siy, those legs.

Santi Martel, the hair.

Jen Gobing, the calmness.

The girls....

...with the men.

Thank you Madame Tess and JP for such a memorable evening. 
Oh by the way, love your 80's playlist.