Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mommy's Gift to Me.

A month ago, I opened my big mouth and told Janina that it would be nice if she and Toby renewed their wedding vows. She thought it was a good idea and booked Rigodon and assigned everyone their tasks. It was a surprise birthday for Toby as well, so he knew nothing about the celebration. 

The directions were to lead Toby up to the room where his clothes are waiting for him. He is also to be interviewed by Dondi for the post party video. 

Just a week before, I had the rebranding event of Jul Dizon and she saw the table set up. I was asked to do the same style for her tables. Very early that Saturday morning, I went to the market with very little allowance for the flowers.

Went to Peninsula by 1 pm to find firetrucks all over the place. This set back the set up of the tables and utensils by a good hour but the staff were working double time to make the deadline. It was great to see managers take off their coat and set the tables up. It was quite touching. 

After the Pen staff did their thing, it was my turn to flowerize the place up.

7 tables later....we were ready for the ceremony.

It's times like this that I miss my Mom most. I try to make her proud. 

Stay tuned for more.

The Rebranding Collection.

Not much words here. 

We hope you enjoy wearing and seeing them as much as we made it. 

Earrings, sold. 
Ring, green tourmaline with diamonds in white gold. 

Earrings, sold. 
Ring, black diamond with rubies and diamonds in white gold. May be converted to pendant. 

Earrings, sold. 
Necklace, cameo with fresh water pearls, sapphires in yellow gold. 
Ring, south sea pearl with diamonds in white gold. 

Earrings, sold. 
Ring, 1 carat diamond with brilliant cut diamonds in white gold. 
Bangle, sold.

Earrings, sold. 
Necklace, sold. 
Ring, pink tourmaline with diamonds in yellow gold. 

Earrings, coral flower with coral drop with sapphires and diamonds in rose gold. 
Ring, ivory dragon with diamonds and ruby eyes in yellow gold. 

Earrings, cameo with carved tourmaline leaves in yellow gold.
Necklace/brooch, cameo with carved tourmaline leaves in yellow gold. 
Ring, peridot with diamonds in white gold. 

Earrings, sold. 
Ring, tanzanite and pink spinel with diamonds in white gold. 

Earrings, carved mother of pearl and cameo with diamonds in yellow gold. 
Necklace, cameo with mother of pearl and moonstone in yellow gold. 

Earrings, sold. 
Ring, diamonds in rose gold. 

Visit us at The Peninsula Manila, 2nd Floor, Makati City and
EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, lobby level, Mandaluyong City.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Giving Joy.

When the principals of the schools up in Benguet informed me that they have about 300 children that do not have toys and books, I posted a blog and tweeted about my drive to collect old toys for them. Within a month, I was able to collect about 15 balikbayan boxes filled with your donations. 

Last Friday, my gang and I went up to Benguet to distribute them. Of course, I am only too happy to travel in style thus the private jet. 

When I got out of the plane, a school band was performing to welcome us. Such a great feeling to see kids at the age of 7-12 with musical skills. 

I fell in love with these kiddos!! Wanted to take them home but what would my family say? Actually, what would THEIR family say? They were just too adorable. 

We went to three schools where children waited for the distribution. Some were very eager but they were patient enough to wait for us. 

First school.

Second school. 

Third school. They performed the Gangnam dance for us. 


It feels so good to bring joy to children. Again, thank you to all those who donated toys, books, costumes, baby carriages and a whole lot more. It's because of you that these kids have really big smiles on their faces. You know who you are!!

I personally want to thank the pilots who got me there and back home safe and sound. 

The Ladies of Jul B. Dizon.

My only requirement for the guests during the rebranding event of Jul Dizon is for them to wear their Jul Dizon piece. I was so happy to see designs that we made as far back as 20 years ago. 

Miss TC has this beautiful jade pieces that she got from her mother, who was Mom's client as well. Lucille did minor changes to the already gorgeous piece and voila. 

I remember doing this design when I started my love affair with opera length necklaces. The Maltese crosses added the extra WOW to this piece of BJC.

I love these two ladies. Truly I do. Here's Sheila and Cristina wearing pieces I designed especially for them. Thank you for your trust. 

I showed Sheila the design using blue sapphires. She approved and.....

....this is what came out of it. 

For Cristina, I initially thought of doing this but then I figured, when you have beautiful stones like this, you don't need too much design. Let the stones stand out so what came out of the "oven"........ this. 

Meet Arlene. She is one of the luckiest gals in the world. Her hubby always comes to me during her birthday, Christmas and anniversary. A few years ago, he asked me to design a bangle for her using rough Kunzite (which is so hard to find nowadays). After one sketch, I was given the go signal and here she is wearing a very rare bangle from Jul Dizon. 


Judith had the coral beads. She wanted Lucille to incorporate a dragon head and make it part of Lucille's popular Chinoiserie Collection. 

For Lucy T. Gomez, I made her wear one of our creations, designed by Ginny, which is a cameo necklace with moonstones and pearls. She looked like a goddess, as usual. 

Lucy and Melda wore their pendants on a thin long necklace perfectly. 

Mrs. LP wore one of Mom's last few designs. It's carved floral turquoise and pearls with diamonds. 

If I posted all of the ladies who came wearing their JBD pieces, I would have a hundred photos here. I am so happy that Mom went into this business and taught us how to love it. In return, we work with such wonderful people like you. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your most valued patronage.