Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goody, The Spa and Beyond Yoga.

When Jenna Sy of Goody offered me and a few friends of mine, a day of relaxation at The Spa. I was so happy. Bonding with my Joy Luck Club while getting a massage? What could be better? 

Well there's something that makes it better.... Beyond Yoga asked me to invite a few friends of mine for a complimentary ZUMBA class!! Isn't that perfect? First we get our bodies extremely painful from the Zumba class and then get a massage afterwards. Perfect. 

Photo by Jenna Sy.

Beyond Yoga has 2 brances. One at QC and one at the Fort, where we went. 

Before the torturing started, we posed for a photo with Sharon Yu, the Zumba instructor who is licensed to make a dancer out of a rock. 

Goody prepared a Zumba kit for all of us. How awesome is that?
Photo by Jenna Sy.

Yeah, we tried to follow her steps and movements but only 3 were truly successful, which is why they got a prize from Goody!!! 

Cassandra Yap, best student. 

Ylaine Co, best learner.

Best of the best, my daughter, Jacqueline.

After an hour of hip hop, cha cha and the mambo, we were too tired to stand up for a photo. 

And so our aching bodies (but in a good way) walked over to heaven called The Spa Wellness. 

They were ready for us. 

My Joy Luck Club with my 2 girls are so happy with their own Quikstyle brushes from Goody. 
Photo by Jenna Sy.

Photo by Jenna Sy.

After a delicious snack fest given by Jenna Sy, we had a game. The prizes were too good so it was game on for all of us. 
Photo by Jenna Sy.

Grouped into 3, the game was to style the hair of a group member without using a brush. Guess who won? With this magnificent hair style, of course this would win first prize!! Just so happens that I did it. Ahem ahem. 

Photo by Jenna Sy.

And then it was off to lalaland. 

Thank you so much Jenna Sy of Goody, Monica Eleazar for Beyond Yoga and Linda Tan for The Spa. You sure know how to spoil the spoiled brats. Hihi. 

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