Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mommy's Gift to Me.

A month ago, I opened my big mouth and told Janina that it would be nice if she and Toby renewed their wedding vows. She thought it was a good idea and booked Rigodon and assigned everyone their tasks. It was a surprise birthday for Toby as well, so he knew nothing about the celebration. 

The directions were to lead Toby up to the room where his clothes are waiting for him. He is also to be interviewed by Dondi for the post party video. 

Just a week before, I had the rebranding event of Jul Dizon and she saw the table set up. I was asked to do the same style for her tables. Very early that Saturday morning, I went to the market with very little allowance for the flowers.

Went to Peninsula by 1 pm to find firetrucks all over the place. This set back the set up of the tables and utensils by a good hour but the staff were working double time to make the deadline. It was great to see managers take off their coat and set the tables up. It was quite touching. 

After the Pen staff did their thing, it was my turn to flowerize the place up.

7 tables later....we were ready for the ceremony.

It's times like this that I miss my Mom most. I try to make her proud. 

Stay tuned for more.


Monica said...

Hi Candy, Im a good friend of Hanna Choa Yu. Just saw your post. Can i ask what market you went to for those vines and where you got your lanterns from? Thank you.

Candy B. Dizon said...

The vines and flowers are all from Dangwa. The lanterns are from Landmark.