Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Giving Joy.

When the principals of the schools up in Benguet informed me that they have about 300 children that do not have toys and books, I posted a blog and tweeted about my drive to collect old toys for them. Within a month, I was able to collect about 15 balikbayan boxes filled with your donations. 

Last Friday, my gang and I went up to Benguet to distribute them. Of course, I am only too happy to travel in style thus the private jet. 

When I got out of the plane, a school band was performing to welcome us. Such a great feeling to see kids at the age of 7-12 with musical skills. 

I fell in love with these kiddos!! Wanted to take them home but what would my family say? Actually, what would THEIR family say? They were just too adorable. 

We went to three schools where children waited for the distribution. Some were very eager but they were patient enough to wait for us. 

First school.

Second school. 

Third school. They performed the Gangnam dance for us. 


It feels so good to bring joy to children. Again, thank you to all those who donated toys, books, costumes, baby carriages and a whole lot more. It's because of you that these kids have really big smiles on their faces. You know who you are!!

I personally want to thank the pilots who got me there and back home safe and sound. 

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