Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Loving Emerald.

Yes, we pretty much know that green emerald is the color of the year. Who dictates that anyway? I mean, who's in charge of saying what color of the year is? Well, whoever it is, they are quite powerful, especially in the business of fashion. I am pretty sure that person is either a designer, magazine editor or a geomancer that has a big influence on the fashion industry. Why?

Well, let me explain my theory, when he says GREEN is the color of the year, who would care? Only dress makers, shoes and bags designers and of course, jewelers. I don't see why the police department would care or the government at that. 

Am I making any sense? Anyway, I am almost sure I am but why am I talking about this? Well, Jul B. Dizon, my Mother always loved the color green. It was her favorite and she was very vocal about it. 

She always told my Dad that if he were to get her a car, she wanted a green jaguar. The packaging of her shop back in the 80's was green. It was only when we got into the business that we decided to change it to some kind of silver color. 

We are back to green now because we want her presence felt more than ever, in any way we can. 

Before I post on what's green on Jul B. Dizon, let me show you how these celebrities love the color. 

Stay tuned.....

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