Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Love Life in a Nutshell.

So, funniest thing that happened to me last week was when my cousin, CVS sent me a screencap of a comment made by this certain Joey (who has so many points with me) in a blog called Oh my buhay

Anyway, I haven't gotten around to reading this blog because life has been quite hectic lately but I do want to share this while my status is still the way Joey has described it. 

Now, before I post the screencap, allow me to thank Joey for his kind words. Chuvaness also asked me to thank him on her behalf. There are, however, a few corrections to be made. First of all, I have TWO daughters. When I showed them the post, they were arguing as to who that daughter Joey was referring to. Everything else that he said about me is true. Sad, but true. 

Ms. Annie, are we really neighbors? QC people rock!

So Joey, whoever you are, you literally made me laugh out loud for days!!! 

Please, read the whole thing to maximize enjoyment. 

He really had to mention my love life TWICE. I am dying. 

P.S. Rajo, you travel like it's your first job. Tsk tsk tsk. Hahahaha! #alamna

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kindness Is Simple.

SIMPLE, Face Care That’s Kind to Skin, Is Now In Manila Famous for their gentle, skin-loving yet highly-effective products such as their award-winning micellar water and micellar cleansing facial wipes, the United Kingdom’s #1 face care brand, Simple, has finally landed in the Philippines.

 Simple champions the belief that face care is not just about how skin looks from the outside. Rather, it is about how it feels—because it is always about how women feel about their own skin that truly matters. With that, the brand offers a range of products that gently hydrates while providing superior makeup removal and skin cleansing, specifically made for women with sensitive skin.

 Kind To Skin, Kind To Body, and Kind To Others To deliver the best results, Simple only uses skin-loving ingredients that are kind to the skin and to the planet. Sourced sustainably, it is free from color, fragrance, and other harsh ingredients that can upset the skin. Still, it delivers its promise of leaving skin thoroughly-cleansed without that tight or dry feeling. Each product works in harmony with the skin for a calming and hydrating effect. At the end of the day, face care should always be as fuss-free, gentle, and as effective as that.

 After all, #KindnessIsSimple

 Five Skin-loving products for Filipinas Five of the brand’s most well-loved and multi-awarded products are now available in the Philippines. Filipinas can look forward to finally experiencing the power of the Micellar Water, Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes, Moisturizing Facial Wash, Hydrating Light Moisturizer, and Dual-Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

 The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (P499/200mL, P799/400mL) is the most advanced facial cleanser to date, yet is gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. It contains micelles, which are clever cleansing bubbles that work to lift away makeup and impurities, unclogging pores while instantly boosting skin hydration by 90%. It’s non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested and approved. This product is a cult-favorite in the beauty industry—aside from having a strong following, it was also part of Glamour UK’s Top 15 cleanser and Allure’s Best of Beauty 2015.

 For those who still prefer facial wipes, the Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes (P299) is perfect to refresh and nourish your skin, remove tough make-up and is soft enough for use on delicate or sensitive skin. It contains a perfect blend of the purest possible skin-loving ingredients and added vitamins. They’re also convenient, quick-to-use and a fantastic addition to any makeup bag, perfect for when women on the go.

 For a deep and thorough cleanse, there is the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash (P299/150mL). Unlike other harsh cleansers in the market, it can get rid of oil, dirt, and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. It’s made of only the purest ingredients and skin-loving multi-vitamins to keep sensitive skin clean and hydrated. It’s also 100% soap-free, so even those with the most sensitive skin can benefit from it.

For makeup lovers, there is the Simple Dual-Effect Eye Makeup Remover (P499/125mL). It effectively dissolves even the toughest eye makeup without irritating the eyes. The two-part formula consists of oil and purified water for maximum effect—no eye-rubbing required. This means that even women who wear contact lenses can use it without having to worry about their eyes turning red. The best part? It also cares for the eyelashes, at it leaves your fringes hydrated and nourished.

Finally, the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer (P499/125mL) is the moisturizer of dreams—it’s actually the UK’s #1 moisturizer. It’s created with the perfect blend of multi-vitamins, glycerin, and borage seed oil to keep the skin hydrated for up to 12 hour, as it instantly doubles the skin’s hydration levels. It’s made with triple purified water, making it perfect for the most sensitive skin.

Available in Watsons and leading supermarkets. 

TRESemme Runway Ready 2017

On its third year, TRESemmé Runway Ready is back—this time allowing you to get up close to witness the season’s hottest hair trends, meet gorgeous TREsetters, and experience an exciting collaboration between the most sought after hair stylists and designers. 

With Manila’s fashionphiles and stylesetters, the salon-grade and stylist-approved brand takes you to the country’s most awaited backstage-to-runway show, as it presents the creations of celebrated fashion designers Mark Bumgarner, Ivarluski Aseron, and Jerome Lorico. All inspired by TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth range, the country’s leading hair professionals Lourd Ramos, Victor Ortega, and Henri Calayag, also interpreted the latest hair trends and partnered with the featured designers in a collaboration like no other. 

BOLD TWISTS Mark Bumgarner takes modern elegance to a whole new level with softly structured ensembles in red and nudes with his signature feminine touch. Perfectly represented by actress and host Sarah Lahbati, his pieces—much like the bold twist hair trend of the season—can look just as gorgeous off the runway and in real life. Top hair professional Lourd Ramos completes the look with various renditions of the very wearable yet incredibly chic modern twist. Gorgeously smooth, straight hair is gathered and twisted low on the nape, or on the side to frame the face to create a romantic yet modern look. All this is made possible by the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which are formulated to leave hair salon-smooth for up to 48 hours, for the runway and beyond. “Soft, smooth, feminine, long… my pieces take inspiration and are made to match the season’s bold twists,” says Mark. 

CITY SLEEK Known for his geometric and architectural designs, Ivarluski Aseron brings his City Sleek vision to life with striking black pieces. Style star Martine Cajucom dons his perfectly structured designs, which complement the simple yet stunning straight, long, and sleek hairstyles of the season. “Black, structured, and designed with mesh… my pieces are inspired by the clean lines and sleek look of the gorgeously long and straight hair trend,” says Ivar. Top hair expert Victor Ortega breaks out the flat iron to achieve this look, which entails healthy and protected hair to look great. He protects hair by using a dollop of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment, which has thermal technology and Keratin to protect the hair before styling into the straight and shiny City Sleek look. The product is made to protect hair against heat, and work with the heat of the flat iron in transforming unruly hair into salon-smooth strands. 

MODERN EDGE Inspired by the modern and sleek pompadour that ruled the runways of many a fashion label, designer Jerome Lorico creates stunning textured metallic ensembles in a futuristic palette of silver, platinum, and black. “There is a sense of confidence with having your hair swept up from the forehead. Kings have crowns, lions have their mane, and some birds have huge plumages. It invokes pride and power. For me, it conveys a certain energy that makes the person not just sleek, but daring and more modern,” says Jerome. As fierce as his muse Joey Mead-King, his pieces clearly reflect the edgy feel of the modern edge trend that’s tempered with a polished finish. Top hairstylist Henri Calayag works the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask on the hair before creating a bit of volume on top on the head, and TRESemmé Flatiron Smoothing Spray to create gorgeously salon-smooth tresses. 

RUNWAY READY TRESSES From the Front Row—together with M.A.C, which help complete the Tresetters’ looks---TRESemmé #RunwayReady2017 allows you to own the trend, own the front row and achieve gorgeous salon-smooth hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth.

Hosted by the very hot Raymond Gutierrez