Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Love Life in a Nutshell.

So, funniest thing that happened to me last week was when my cousin, CVS sent me a screencap of a comment made by this certain Joey (who has so many points with me) in a blog called Oh my buhay

Anyway, I haven't gotten around to reading this blog because life has been quite hectic lately but I do want to share this while my status is still the way Joey has described it. 

Now, before I post the screencap, allow me to thank Joey for his kind words. Chuvaness also asked me to thank him on her behalf. There are, however, a few corrections to be made. First of all, I have TWO daughters. When I showed them the post, they were arguing as to who that daughter Joey was referring to. Everything else that he said about me is true. Sad, but true. 

Ms. Annie, are we really neighbors? QC people rock!

So Joey, whoever you are, you literally made me laugh out loud for days!!! 

Please, read the whole thing to maximize enjoyment. 

He really had to mention my love life TWICE. I am dying. 

P.S. Rajo, you travel like it's your first job. Tsk tsk tsk. Hahahaha! #alamna

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