Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sam Tsui Has Got Talent!

He looks half Flipper. I like his voice. He could be the next Disney young star!

My New Baby.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alain Ducasse in Manila!

I didn't want to post this before because I was afraid the seats would be all sold out in a matter of minutes but since the event is happening today, I guess it is safe for me to tell you that THE Alain Ducasse is in town for 2 days.

Jenny wanted me to use my powers to get her 3 seats but according to my sources, the waiting list is already up to 100+ pax. SOWWY JDH!

Alain Ducasse is one of the most celebrated modern French chefs. At sixteen, he began his career through an apprenticeship with Chef Michel Guérard and later with Roger Vergé. At age twenty-two, he worked at Chapel with Alain Chapel, who held the most influence on him, and from whom he acquired key elements in his work today: rigor and perfectionism. At age twenty-five, he took over “La Terrasse,” where he earned his first two Michelin stars. In 1987, he became head chef at Hôtel de Paris in Monaco and its restaurant Le Louis XV. After only three years, at barely thirty-three years old, Alain Ducasse became the youngest French chef to receive the three Michelin stars and also the first to receive a three-star rating for a hotel restaurant. He is today at the helm of three restaurants each awarded by three Michelin stars in Monaco, Paris and London. Over the past thirty years, as a chef, restaurateur, hotelier and teacher, Alain Ducasse has developed a unique expertise in the art of good living and good eating which can be clearly seen throughout the various global initiatives of the ALAIN DUCASSE Entreprise. As a passionate leader, he has a constant desire to pass on his knowledge.

Alain Ducasse Formation or ADF is in partners with Enderun Colleges. For more information please click on link below.

GNO at Wine Depot

It was a GNO (Girls Night Out) last Friday and we decided to have dinner at Wine Depot at Reposo Street. I was starving since I didn't get to eat breakfast and lunch.

Luckily, Dennis is such a VIP there that the chef offered us quite a number of complimentary dishes. Everything was goooood. I don't know why I never tried eating here before but I am happy I finally did, especially with the girls.

The FREE food!!! The problem was, when I finally did get my order, I was already full...hay nakooo...If I had known all these would be given, I wouldn't have ordered! BHAHAHA. That's the cheap girl in me talking.

Everyone's orders.

Chef Marco, I will see you again soon!

My Party Peeps.

After dinner, we headed to M Cafe where the white meat I mean MEN are. PQ, DL, CC who are all single wanted to check out the view. Lucky for them, Nix brought in the group 10 Canadians who were so not interested in us girls. Lucille, Anne, Rosette and I took that as a sign and headed home before the clock struck 12. But of course I had to have my Strawberry liquor first! Yummy!

Prost to more GNOs!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pacquiao At Pen!

I really believe that Manny will win this bout. That means more millions for him, which means more temptation coming his way. I would really admire this guy if he would just stay true to his wife. I don't like the fact that he's in LA and we all know that the Krista is also there. Same country, same state, same city and who knows, maybe same room.

Nakakainis!!! Why can't men just stay true?

Anyway, Peninsula is inviting all of us to watch it with class. A brunch buffet will be served as we watch Pacquiao kick Clottey's ass for P1,500+++. If you just want to watch, entrance fee is P800.00 +++. Might as well have the buffet if you ask me.

Click the photo for clearer details.

Oh My Jeans!!!

This looks fun! But parang the P3,000 GC is so such a small prize! But anyway, I encourage all you sexy people out there to join! If I had the body, I would totally submit 2,493,858 photos of me. But I don't, so I won't.

I am totally telling Cedric to submit his photo for this. Check out his body! WOOT WOOT!!!

Today is Nicht Gut.

Generally, this is how I am feeling today.

I don't know why. Maybe because it is Monday? I can't really explain. I hate this feeling. I wish I had just stayed home and slept all day.

I didn't even make an effort to wear something nice today. I look like crap! I feel even worse. I don't even feel like wearing a single piece of jewelry.

Will shopping help? Hmmm....maybe not.. I already spent too much this weekend. Maybe the sad, sappy love songs that the pianist is playing here in Peninsula is getting to me. Too much Barry Manilow can cause suicidal tendencies, you know.

It's 2 pm, Manila time and this is still how I feel.

What a bummer!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Villarama's Valentine Presentation.

I have 9 words for this job.


Thanks Donita, Eric and JP for making my day jumpy and fun!!! Your family rocks!

We Are The World!

It's out, WE ARE THE WORLD 2010 Version!!! I think there's too many people, voices which are not recognizable. There was no need for Jamie Foxx copying Ray Charles' voice. What's up with Janet Jackson suddenly appearing next to MJ as if SHE were a ghost!!! The rapping ruins it for me. Parang I am not getting goosebumps the way I do whenever I watch the original one.

I honestly love this original one much much better.

Bottom line, let's do what we can to help whoever needs it the most.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Puppies!

Are you ready to see my wonderful puppies? To own them and have them on your hands? To look and marvel at how cute they are?

I am ready to show them to you all.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery

Stick House!

Watched Percy Jackson last night at Trinoma. We had an hour before the movie starts so I wanted to walk around and see what this mall has to offer.

I found this really cute ice cream store and made Jody order one to test it out. There were so many flavors to choose from. I ended up with strawberry sorbet which only costs P60.00. Dipping it and adding nuts are priced separately but I dipped mine in chocolate and nuts. I LOVED IT!!!!

Jody devoured her ice cream too!

I want to go back!!

Holy Bread!!

I sometimes attend mass. Not always but I do. I am not that evil...yet.

As a child, when it is communion time, I always thought that the ostia or the bread the priest gives to the church goers are made from heaven and sent to Vatican and the Vatican FEDEX's it to all the churches in the world. Otherwise, how can it be the BREAD of everlasting life? Jesus must have something to do with the baking to make it effective right??

As a grown up, I totally forgot about finding out the truth until the other night...I SAW THEM! The place where all the priests gets them and shares them to millions of people all over the world!! THE BREAD OF LIFE!!!

Rustan's Supermarket for P54.25 for 500 pieces!! That is 10 centavos for everlasting life! I wanted to buy 3 bags and eat it all. But of course, I am kidding. I am a very religious person. I Love GOD and I always will.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Men in My Life.

I went crazy with our heart shaped lighted sculpture. We all did. Here I am with the hottest men in the world.

My VD date.

My favorite photo.