Monday, February 8, 2010

Calling All Oessie! (Part 1)

Your home in Austria has been built in Tagaytay.

Thanks to friends Christian and Irene, we were able to find a very quaint, beautiful and amazing restaurant in Tagaytay last weekend called Chateau Hestia. Only minutes away from the ridge, this place still carries the fresh air and nice green surroundings that we enjoy in Tagaytay so much.

This particular weekend, they were serving assorted wines from Austria by the glass (P90.00), set menu and Austrian beer.

Guess who had the time of his life??

By the garden, our tables were set next to a small playground where the kids went crazy over. The weather was perfect and the service was really great. Owner Johannes Zehethofer served the guests himself and entertained when he could. He is a very gracious man.

AG felt truly at home and never wanted to leave.


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