Monday, February 8, 2010

Buon Giorno!

Was in Tagaytay last weekend and had a real blast!! Of course, being with the family always is. We got there very early but we were hungry like wolves. I have always liked Cliffhouse by the ridge so we went there and dined in Buon Giorno.

It was relatively good. I mean, what's so hard about tapsilog, salad and tocilog right? But I wouldn't order the adobo flakes. It was tough and hard to chew and swallow. Everything else was good and easy on the pocket.

After breakfast, we strolled over to Fruits and Ice Cream and I got a Caramel Landslide. One scoop butterscotch, one scoop caramel and 4 kinds of nuts with loads of caramel sauce. ME LIKEY!!!


Anonymous said...

hinay hinay lang sa you even go to the gym?

candifier said...

Eeeps!! No I don't go to the gym. But just to let you know that I didn't eat ALL that. Just one plate and notice two spoons on the ice cream cup!

Thanks for your concern though.