Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy Bread!!

I sometimes attend mass. Not always but I do. I am not that evil...yet.

As a child, when it is communion time, I always thought that the ostia or the bread the priest gives to the church goers are made from heaven and sent to Vatican and the Vatican FEDEX's it to all the churches in the world. Otherwise, how can it be the BREAD of everlasting life? Jesus must have something to do with the baking to make it effective right??

As a grown up, I totally forgot about finding out the truth until the other night...I SAW THEM! The place where all the priests gets them and shares them to millions of people all over the world!! THE BREAD OF LIFE!!!

Rustan's Supermarket for P54.25 for 500 pieces!! That is 10 centavos for everlasting life! I wanted to buy 3 bags and eat it all. But of course, I am kidding. I am a very religious person. I Love GOD and I always will.

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Anonymous said...

wasn't Religion a subject in your school? it only becomes the body of Christ during the Mass. the process is called transubstantiation. it is during the moment the priest lifts it up. otherwise, these are just wafers and anyone can buy these from religious stores and from monasteries.