Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alain Ducasse in Manila!

I didn't want to post this before because I was afraid the seats would be all sold out in a matter of minutes but since the event is happening today, I guess it is safe for me to tell you that THE Alain Ducasse is in town for 2 days.

Jenny wanted me to use my powers to get her 3 seats but according to my sources, the waiting list is already up to 100+ pax. SOWWY JDH!

Alain Ducasse is one of the most celebrated modern French chefs. At sixteen, he began his career through an apprenticeship with Chef Michel Guérard and later with Roger Vergé. At age twenty-two, he worked at Chapel with Alain Chapel, who held the most influence on him, and from whom he acquired key elements in his work today: rigor and perfectionism. At age twenty-five, he took over “La Terrasse,” where he earned his first two Michelin stars. In 1987, he became head chef at Hôtel de Paris in Monaco and its restaurant Le Louis XV. After only three years, at barely thirty-three years old, Alain Ducasse became the youngest French chef to receive the three Michelin stars and also the first to receive a three-star rating for a hotel restaurant. He is today at the helm of three restaurants each awarded by three Michelin stars in Monaco, Paris and London. Over the past thirty years, as a chef, restaurateur, hotelier and teacher, Alain Ducasse has developed a unique expertise in the art of good living and good eating which can be clearly seen throughout the various global initiatives of the ALAIN DUCASSE Entreprise. As a passionate leader, he has a constant desire to pass on his knowledge.

Alain Ducasse Formation or ADF is in partners with Enderun Colleges. For more information please click on link below.

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