Monday, February 1, 2010

Bejeweled Paris!

It's Valentine's Month! To a girl, it's not just a DAY. The guys out there should be extra sweet, loving, caring and super romantic the WHOLE MONTH of February. I mean it! Yes, and it should be more of the men to make an extra effort because I think that girls are naturally sweet, loving and caring throughout the year.

If you can't buy her anything from Hermes (scarves are not romantic), and if you can't take her to a week long trip to Paris, then you should do what's closest to it. Go to Jul B. Dizon and get her a piece of jewelry. I am telling you, that is a sure way to get her into bed! Ooops, I mean into your heart!!!!

I designed this collection so that the memorable trip you had in Paris will always be worn on her wrist, where you might have kissed her when you were on top of the tower. Or on the neck where she sprayed on that new perfume she got just for you. Or on the ring where you slipped in that engagement ring as a sign of you love.

Ok, none of that has happened to me yet but I can't help it if I am a romantic nut. My friends say that I am still living the Sharon-Gabby love team but I really believe that romance should never ever die in a relationship no matter how long you two have been together. If you are both capable of showing how sweet each other can be in the beginning of the relationship, then you should keep the "honeymoon fever" for as long as you are together. Well, come to think of it, I shouldn't be giving advice on love. Still working on mine!

Go na! And don't forget to tell AG to get me something good. I may be romantic but I am also materialistic! BWAHAHA! (semi-evil laugh).


Anonymous said...

i love the eiffel tower bangle and the bracelet with charms!

Anonymous said...

hi! how much is the eiffel tower bangle and the bracelet with charms?

candifier said...

Please email me so I can email you back!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the dog bangle? is it finished & sold na? i wannaaseee! puhleeeeze?!

pwede magpagawa kahit isang dog lang?!


candifier said...

The dog bangle is already in stone setting stage. After that polishing. I will definitely post it here as soon as it is done because IT IS TO DIE FOR sa SOBRANG ca-cute-an niya!!!