Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Calling All Oessie! (Part 2)

A few things that caught my attention were this chocolate bar with "I LOVE YOU" on it. With Valentine's being so near, I asked AG to give me one and lo and behold, this funny packaging holds the creamiest Belgian chocolate with hazelnut! It's not cheap (P115) but splurging on a bar of chocolate is allowed once in a while.

A shot of schnapps which all the whiteys took before leaving was fun. They were dancing and singing this song and then down the drink went. Since it is a farewell shot, it is free!!

The coasters! As we got settled and were talking amongst each other, it always felt like someone was staring at us.

These are flowers that the kids picked up from the ground. I have never seen anything like it and it made really cute shapes! Love the color too!

And now, the speise (food)!

So after Chateau Hestia, we went to Cliffhouse to have dessert. We met up with CJ and Lucille who couldn't make it to our early dinner at the Chateau. We talked about how beautiful the place was and so after dessert, we went back to the Austrian restaurant for more beers and wine! AG was more than happy to give them a tour.

If we loved it during the day, we equally love it at night when the stars were all so close and bright. The weather was even more perfect and the ambiance was uber romantic.

Johannes and wife, Maria, were more than happy to see us even stating that it is the first time it has happened. A return customer in less than 3 hours.

CJ loved the beer so much that he bought the whole keg! Put it in the car and told us to take care of it as if it were his newborn!

Austrian owner of Chateau Hestia Johannes Zehethofer.

CHEERS to good friends, family and the Austrians!

Open Wednesdays to Sundays
For reservations : 09297113289


anne said...

AG found his happy place;) you need to bring me there cands can't wait to try the sausages...

anne said...

AG found his happy place;) you need to bring me there cands can't wait to try the sausages...

Joy Page Manuel said...

The flowers are beautiful. Is that going to be an inspiration for your next jewelry piece? :-))

@-->---- said...

The flowers make an awesome inspiration for your accessory line :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is a perfect place for a weekend getaway!! If it weren't for you, I would have never known that such place existed!


Anonymous said...

hello! i'm a longtime lurker! can i just ask, so you and AG/Chizmiz have kids? cos I know you mention "kids" here once in awhile. haha sorry, just confused!

candifier said...

Nope, no kids together.