Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GNO at Wine Depot

It was a GNO (Girls Night Out) last Friday and we decided to have dinner at Wine Depot at Reposo Street. I was starving since I didn't get to eat breakfast and lunch.

Luckily, Dennis is such a VIP there that the chef offered us quite a number of complimentary dishes. Everything was goooood. I don't know why I never tried eating here before but I am happy I finally did, especially with the girls.

The FREE food!!! The problem was, when I finally did get my order, I was already full...hay nakooo...If I had known all these would be given, I wouldn't have ordered! BHAHAHA. That's the cheap girl in me talking.

Everyone's orders.

Chef Marco, I will see you again soon!

My Party Peeps.

After dinner, we headed to M Cafe where the white meat I mean MEN are. PQ, DL, CC who are all single wanted to check out the view. Lucky for them, Nix brought in the group 10 Canadians who were so not interested in us girls. Lucille, Anne, Rosette and I took that as a sign and headed home before the clock struck 12. But of course I had to have my Strawberry liquor first! Yummy!

Prost to more GNOs!!!


anne said...

don't worry cands we'll make bawi sa GOOT;)

Anonymous said...

is the drink on the right- ROCKSTAR? i assume! that is sooo good! :)