Thursday, June 27, 2013


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Dennis The Not So Menace.

Just a tad bit of a headache according to Ivar and myself (secret).

Anyway, two weeks ago, we helped celebrate his birthday at Girafitto, a now favorite restaurant of mine. It serves delicious Italian food and their specialty is the thinnest crunchy pizza. 

Delicious grapes and strawberries go very well with the platter of cheese.

I was in charge of the desserts so I brought a very moist chocolate cake with extra doze of caramel. 

A kick-ass huge strawberry shortcake. 

Walnut and Date bars. 

The Lustico Gang. 

Love you Dennis! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

MEGA Pinoy Pride, 2013.

A few days before the MEGA Pinoy Pride, Omar Ermita said to me, "The bigger the hair, the smaller the face." So on the night of the Pinoy Pride, I put a can of mousse on my hair and started curling it with my curling iron. After I curled it, I put hairspray, a liter of it. After that was done, as I was waiting for my ride, I decided to curl it even more. I was targeting the "bigger hair" thing. At last, I had to leave only to see my hair still a bit flat. Sure, it has a few curls but I wanted MORE!!!

So Omar, this is for you.

I had my usual date with me, Jacqueline, and she wore an old lace dress that belonged to my Mom. 
I had my dress made the day before by my seamstress. 
Janina wore a Rajo Laurel and Lucille, a Noel Crisostomo. 

On our way up, we spotted Puey Quinones, who was one of the YDC mentors. 

Mario Katigbak, Grace and Felix Ang.

Maco Custodio and Ruby Gan. 

My dear Robby Carmona who was finally a guest and not behind the director's chair. Here he wore a Rajo Man suit. 

My two loves. 

Ferdi Salvador, Jenni Epperson and yours truly. 

Here comes the gang. (L-R) Dennis Lustico, Janina, Tim Yap, moi, Lucille and Maco. 

Tim, lead singer of Callalily, Kian Cipriano. 

The power of the Magalona Family (Frank, Saab, Clara and Maxene) with Mike Carandang, Giselle T. Walters and me. 

Elmo Magalona and Jacqueline.

Janina and Pia. 

Nicole Whisenhunt and Kai Lim. 

Tetta Ortiz wears Randy Ortiz. Here they are together. 

Sweet tooth, Rhian Ramos with her sweetie, KC Montero. 

Ms. Phoemela Barranda wears a Rhett Eala. 

Small Laude who wears a Jul Dizon earrings is here with Ms. Sari Yap, founder and CEO of ONE MEGA Group. 

My darling Ate Alice Eduardo with the sexy Grace Ang. 

The boys in the hood, Felix Ang, Philip Laude and Victor Aliwalas.

Tim Yap with his harem, Cris, Nicole, Julia, Small and Rufa Mae.

Dong Ronquillo.

Ms. Bianca Gonzalez.

Mr. Cary Santiago.

Always gorgeous, Ms. Cheryl Tiu wears a Puey Quinones. 

Dennis Lustico and Mike Carandang.

Maco Custodio, Junjun Ablaza, Lucille and Janina. 

Tim Yap, me and Cris Albert. 

The Volcanoes, Kenny and Oliver with my Jacqueline.

We were entertained by Ms. Regine Velasquez. 

Mr. Elmo Magalona.

Mr. Jed Madela. 

The creations of the designers. 

The Young Designer winner, Emir Yamamoto. 

Paul and John Herrera won. So happy for you guys. Congratulations!!! 

Congratulations MEGA!!!!!