Monday, June 24, 2013


Ok, I will be honest. I didn't even know that we had a rugby team. I thought that I would see the Azkals. I know pretty much nothing about sports that include a ball in it. I only know F1. So before I can write about them, I had to google the Volcanoes.  

These are the first photos that came out. 
Ad for Bench

Ad for Bench

Ad for Bench

GULP. I think a volcano just erupted. 

And then I realized, hey, these are the guys up on EDSA a few months back! It caused quite a stir. In fact, I thought that it was a bit too racy to be displayed where children will see. 


A few weeks back a World Cup party for the Volcanoes was held, sponsored by Ms. Cris Albert of FILA. As of right now,  I am still hovering around the DUH-universe because I refuse to read about them. I am happy just looking at their photos. 

I decided that I will tell this story, the Candifier way. Who cares about what they do, I care more about what they look like holding the ball. (Don't get nasty on me. I mean the RUGBY BALLS.)

June 6, 7pm.
As we waited for the doors to open, we were served cocktails and entertained by a band. I couldn't help but notice the entrance to Prince Albert. How lovely it was. I knew that Robert Blancaflor has got something wonderful in store for us all. 

Whoever came up with this "FILA'PINAS" is very clever. 

The hosts, Tim Yap and Tessa Valdes.

They welcomed the Volcanoes and out came 21 good looking men, most of them half Filipinos. 

The lovely Cris Albert strikes a pose with her team! 
Photo by Linda Ley

Once the door was open, I swear to you, I could hear ooohs and ahhhhs. People started taking photos of the set up before sitting down. It seemed too beautiful to mess up with food and wine. I wanted to leave it untouched. It was THAT breathtaking. 

Believe it or not, that was my very first time in Prince Albert. Not sure when I will be back but I am so delighted that my first time happens to be when Robert Blancaflor styled it. It leaves such a positive memory. I will only be too sad to go back without seeing his touch of magic. 

I brought my Jacqueline with me. She has become my constant date to events. I am glad that she enjoys them as much as I do. Now that school has started, I will miss her in my events. 

Fortunately, we were seated across 2 players, Kenneth Stern and Matthew Saunders, who were a hoot! Funny, charming and very good looking. 

Go Volcanoes!! 

Saw a few friends who looked stunning. Here's Rajo and Linda Ley. 
Photo by Linda Ley

Ms. Sari Yap.
Photo by Linda Ley

Matthew Saunders and Jacqueline. 

FILA-Pinas supporters! 
Photo by Linda Ley

Congratulations to Ms. Cris Albert for the huge success. More power to you always. 

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