Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh No They Didn't!!

It's just wrong to pose and smile for the camera after this incident, especially for the cops!!! Hay nakoooo......

This photo came out in Ming Pao Daily News.

Photos courtesy of Karen Tayao.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep It Comin!!!

Who says a birthday only has to be a day??? Mine has been going on for 28 days now. I seriously love my friends and family who think of me during their travels abroad. It makes me feel that our friendship is strong enough to withstand even with thousands of miles apart.

To my Mandarin Oriental family, these mooncakes are SUPER DUPER UBERLY delicious. I apologize to my family because I ain't sharing this one. Check out my huge bite! Wanted to get into the chocolate in the middle.

My lawyer, my secret keeper, my supplier of all bad things. I was expecting a male stripper but you really caught me by surprise with this. It's a normal gift, one that won't get us into prison. Thank you so much, I used it last night already because I love the smell.

Charisse, sobra na to. I want to cry. You are too kind to me and I am so touched that you thought of me when you were shopping in the US.

Check out my chocolate!!! Kit Kat, move aside, thanks to JDH, HEMP is taking over. I just better make sure I don't eat this all in one sitting. And for those who don't know what HEMP is, look it up.

Sees Almond Royal Candies (my favorite) and tea. But's not just any's tea specially made for LOUIS VUITTON!! How cool is that? Thanks Tita Wilma!!

Don't stop now guys! You are on a roll!!! BWA HA HA HA!! More to come, because there are more that I need to post about my birthday loot!!!

FIlled to the Brim!

So happy to receive news that Dessert Comes First is 100% full!

Thank you to all my friends and family who will come and support AG and ENDERUN!

See you all Saturday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Freaking Frutti Froyo!

I say freaking because Frutti Froyo opened about 3 minute walking distance from my house. This is totally bad news for me and my wallet.

First of all, the kids LOVE it. Secondly, I LOVE it. For those who need to gain weight and make your wallet thinner, just follow these steps.

Get your desired cup size.

Step 2. Choose your flavored yogurt. There's Green Apple and Peach.

Taro and Banana.
Blueberry and Plain.

Choose your toppings!! There'a about 50 or more choices of chocolates, nuts and candies!

Add your syrup. Caramel, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate.

Although I must warn's not cheap! 4 cups of assorted weight cost me P615.00!! It really depends on how heavy it is as it is weighed in the end.

My yaya went crazy when she saw the P18.00 per oz. She thought it was P18.00 per cup. AG was shocked to pay about P200.00 for the cup she got! Good thing she still has a job!

LeSportsac's Fall 2010 Collection!

Always thought this bag is cute. I got really angry when fake ones started sprouting up everywhere! My yaya had one and while I had an authentic bag, I didn't feel right wearing mine next to her P200.00 one. But how can I resist the Fall 2010 Collection? It is really so cute.

Fall leaves may drop but LeSportsac is picking it up in Fall 2010 with 14 new additions to its classic collection in prints that take you from stripes to Peru.

Adding two more handbag and sassy clutch styles, LeSportsac is positioning itself as a true handbag destination. The Small Cleo Crossbody rocks it out as a roomy everyday purse with an adjustable strap that allows for an over the shoulder look or crossbody style, while the Daphne Shoulder bag functions as the ultimate casual bag with side pockets just right for holding keys and phone. Already known for its totes, LeSportsac adds three more tote options notably the more structured Downtown Tote that includes a zip top, padding, and large side gussets for extra room.

Though cool weather may come in the Fall, LeSportsac’s solids and prints for the season couldn’t be hotter. The brand’s on trend fashion solids include patents, Aubergine Shimmer and Scarlet Cross Sport, and metallics, Graphic Shimmer and Rose Gold Lightning. Printwise, in August, for the first time ever, LeSportsac plays with metallic ink with Hearts of Gold, a gold metallic heart print on black, putting edgy and girly together all in one place. Not to be one upped, one of the month’s stripes, Mocha Dot, brings on the fun with neon orange and neutral stripes webbing across a chocolate and neutral polka dot. September’s prints are a journey to Peru with prints like Muchuco, a photo real hand-woven blanket complete with a textural feel. Fleur Chiffon, a floral water color in hazy hued purple, orange, blue. Looks like LeSportsac’s Fall prints are worth falling for.

LeSportsac is exclusively available in Rustan’s Department Stores in Makati, Shangri-la, Gateway, Alabang Town Center and Cebu.

I Am Cory!

BAYO supports Aquino Foundation with “I am Cory” collection – a collaboration of Art, History, and Fashion for a Cause Celebrate the life of former President Cory Aquino and pay tribute to the most admired Filipina of our time with the limited edition “I am Cory” collection from Bayo.

Not known to many, Cory Aquino was also a painter, aside from being a great leader and a devoted mother. Painting was one of her favored modes to keep her mind active and her sense of humanity intact. Under the tutelage of Jeff Consumo, she has participated in a joint exhibit and sold some of her art work to raise funds for her advocacies, though she never professed to be a professional painter. Her favorite subjects were flowers and women, and she usually painted in oil or acrylic on canvas.
Inspired by her colorful floral paintings, Bayo has come up with a capsule collection showcasing her beautiful art, rendered in contemporary fashion. “While designing this collection, we kept in mind her simplicity and grace,” explains Ms. Lynn D. Agustin. “We just kept it clean and simple, using silhouettes that will not over-power the paintings.”

Bloom in ready to wear clothes that you will love and be proud to be seen in. With her simplicity and grace as inspiration, the collection features clean and simple silhouettes to make Cory Aquino’s beautiful paintings stand out. Key pieces are flower pot shirts, scoop neck shirts, striped tank tops, 1950s-inspired dresses, and chambray and stripe polos with floral print sleeves and pockets.

Bayo has also created canvas bags that come in three different iconic prints – landscape painting, flower pot painting, and a magnified version of the flower pot painting.

Bayo has collaborated with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF), an organization devoted to building on the democratic legacy of two great Filipinos who brought out the best in their countrymen. NCAF’s iamninoy-iamcory movement, its core youth mobilization and empowerment program, seeks to surface a new generation of Filipinos willing to step up as selfless heroes in their own right. From their ranks would emerge new leaders through a process of spiritual transformation in the mold of Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

As one of Manila’s leading and influential fashion brands for women, Bayo (the Ilonggo word for “dress”) is a brand built on basic items that are timeless, clean, and essential—affordable clothes to suit one’s fashion personality.

Staying in tune with the times, Bayo supports NCAF’s goal of introducing Ninoy and Cory and their ideals to the new generation. Through its partnership with the foundation, Bayo is producing a one-of-a-kind collection fit for the modern Filipina and is giving a portion of the proceeds for every purchase of the “I am Cory” products to support the diverse advocacies of NCAF’s partners and the iamninoy-iamcory movement itself. “For Bayo, this is a great opportunity to pay homage to the most fabulous Pinay of our time- President Cory Aquino,” says Ms. Corcor Bitong.

“To distinguish our partnership and collection, we thought of something not everybody knows about Mrs. Cory Aquino—her paintings,” adds Ms. Agustin. “This has given birth to a confluence of arts, history and fashion.”

The Bayo “I am Cory” collection will be available on August 25, 2010. Channel feminine chic, while supporting a great cause. Get your own Filipino-and-proud “I am Cory” merchandise from Bayo stores nationwide.

I think this is an interesting collection but so far, all my local clothes come from Kamiseta. Will check out Bayo soon, although nothing really fits me there. I wonder why. BWA HA HAHA! (please pass the lechon)

Model: Jessica Kienle of Elite Manila
Photography by: Madz Barrido
Make-up by: Madella S. De Leon
Styling: Bernice Tison and Rosemin Tan Lee

He Liked It So He Put a Ring On It.

I am not convinced that AG heard the song Single Ladies and got inspired to put a ring on it but I think it's a catchy title.

Everywhere I go, my friends would pay attention directly to my finger rather than anything else. After they say their ooohs and ahhhhs, only do they realize that I am there and give me a kiss hello. That's exactly what happened with my STC friends when we met up for a dinner party last Saturday. I suppose they were a bit shy at first because AG was there but when the wine kicked in, they made me take out the ring and one by one, they posed for my camera to be CANDIFIED. It was fun and hilarious at the same time. I kept saying, that I hope AG will not in the future, marry all 5 of us. Just me is enough.

Everyone seems to want it but only 1 can have it. Besides, there's already my name on it. Literally.

This seal is to make sure that I don't sell it to a client. But what if the offer is triple the price?? Tempting....BWA HA HAHA (just kidding honey).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shame on You Batang Lagim.

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on my post on Batang Lagim, I came upon another site in YouTube of another dance that they did using the SAME TACTIC of the diaper "accidentally" falling off.

When it wasn't done on purpose, it was hilarious, but now that my eyes were opened to the truth, it does seem sick and perverted. Suddenly, it's not at all funny anymore.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waldorf School in Timberland!

The second home of the Dizon kids is already open. High up in the mountains where the air is fresh. Inside Timberland where it is safe and secure. The grounds are spacious and clean. Trees are sprawled all over. The classrooms are brand new, well studied and carefully constructed.

For the first time in my life, I witness my Jacqueline waking up 10 minutes before her alarm sets off. She gets up without my usual nudging. She gets dressed, eats her breakfast and waits in the car for the other Dizon kids to get in so they can all go to school. When I get home, I see her working on her homework with a smile on her face while humming to a song.

Excitement and happiness is what Waldorf has brought into my daughter's school life. I am sorry to say this but it was totally the opposite when she was in STC two years ago. Back then, my life was like GROUND HOG DAY, (the movie) where every morning it was torture for me to wake her up. To make her get dressed and eat breakfast. When I get home, she would still be doing her homework even if she had started on it hours before. To make this short and simple, she hated it. The academic pressure to memorize without reason was too much.

From Panjee Tapales' website she quotes from the Waldorf Parenting Handbook,

“Consider how Waldorf Education works. There is no early, forced intellectualisation; simple toys of natural materials are used to stimulate the child’s powers of fantasy and imagination. It is a balanced education of the whole child of thinking, feeling and willing. Teaching methods are based on the child’s natural stage of learning: imitation in the early years, a beloved trusted authority figure in the middle years, and the intellectual search for truth after puberty. There is a natural unity of art, science and moral/spiritual values in the curriculum material.

Waldorf education is in harmony with Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “There is a relation between the hours of our life and the centuries of time. The hours should be instructed by the ages and the ages explained by the hours.” This is just what the Waldorf school does: correlates the hours of the child’s life with the ages of mankind’s development. Just as the embryo, in utero, repeats man’s biological evolution, so the growing child retraces the evolution of man’s consciousness, his spiritual odyssey.”

Ms. Panjee Tapales said, "People have asked me what I would like my son to be and I always say the same thing. I would like him to grow up whole and balanced in thinking, feeling and willing, able to stay true and connected to his essence and all parts of his being. This seems like such a Herculean task but with the invaluable Waldorf education behind him, I know I am completely supported in my journey."

I couldn't agree more. Seriously, consider Waldorf. See you at the open house.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Leah E. Saldivar.