Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am Cory!

BAYO supports Aquino Foundation with “I am Cory” collection – a collaboration of Art, History, and Fashion for a Cause Celebrate the life of former President Cory Aquino and pay tribute to the most admired Filipina of our time with the limited edition “I am Cory” collection from Bayo.

Not known to many, Cory Aquino was also a painter, aside from being a great leader and a devoted mother. Painting was one of her favored modes to keep her mind active and her sense of humanity intact. Under the tutelage of Jeff Consumo, she has participated in a joint exhibit and sold some of her art work to raise funds for her advocacies, though she never professed to be a professional painter. Her favorite subjects were flowers and women, and she usually painted in oil or acrylic on canvas.
Inspired by her colorful floral paintings, Bayo has come up with a capsule collection showcasing her beautiful art, rendered in contemporary fashion. “While designing this collection, we kept in mind her simplicity and grace,” explains Ms. Lynn D. Agustin. “We just kept it clean and simple, using silhouettes that will not over-power the paintings.”

Bloom in ready to wear clothes that you will love and be proud to be seen in. With her simplicity and grace as inspiration, the collection features clean and simple silhouettes to make Cory Aquino’s beautiful paintings stand out. Key pieces are flower pot shirts, scoop neck shirts, striped tank tops, 1950s-inspired dresses, and chambray and stripe polos with floral print sleeves and pockets.

Bayo has also created canvas bags that come in three different iconic prints – landscape painting, flower pot painting, and a magnified version of the flower pot painting.

Bayo has collaborated with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF), an organization devoted to building on the democratic legacy of two great Filipinos who brought out the best in their countrymen. NCAF’s iamninoy-iamcory movement, its core youth mobilization and empowerment program, seeks to surface a new generation of Filipinos willing to step up as selfless heroes in their own right. From their ranks would emerge new leaders through a process of spiritual transformation in the mold of Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

As one of Manila’s leading and influential fashion brands for women, Bayo (the Ilonggo word for “dress”) is a brand built on basic items that are timeless, clean, and essential—affordable clothes to suit one’s fashion personality.

Staying in tune with the times, Bayo supports NCAF’s goal of introducing Ninoy and Cory and their ideals to the new generation. Through its partnership with the foundation, Bayo is producing a one-of-a-kind collection fit for the modern Filipina and is giving a portion of the proceeds for every purchase of the “I am Cory” products to support the diverse advocacies of NCAF’s partners and the iamninoy-iamcory movement itself. “For Bayo, this is a great opportunity to pay homage to the most fabulous Pinay of our time- President Cory Aquino,” says Ms. Corcor Bitong.

“To distinguish our partnership and collection, we thought of something not everybody knows about Mrs. Cory Aquino—her paintings,” adds Ms. Agustin. “This has given birth to a confluence of arts, history and fashion.”

The Bayo “I am Cory” collection will be available on August 25, 2010. Channel feminine chic, while supporting a great cause. Get your own Filipino-and-proud “I am Cory” merchandise from Bayo stores nationwide.

I think this is an interesting collection but so far, all my local clothes come from Kamiseta. Will check out Bayo soon, although nothing really fits me there. I wonder why. BWA HA HAHA! (please pass the lechon)

Model: Jessica Kienle of Elite Manila
Photography by: Madz Barrido
Make-up by: Madella S. De Leon
Styling: Bernice Tison and Rosemin Tan Lee

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