Monday, August 23, 2010

He Liked It So He Put a Ring On It.

I am not convinced that AG heard the song Single Ladies and got inspired to put a ring on it but I think it's a catchy title.

Everywhere I go, my friends would pay attention directly to my finger rather than anything else. After they say their ooohs and ahhhhs, only do they realize that I am there and give me a kiss hello. That's exactly what happened with my STC friends when we met up for a dinner party last Saturday. I suppose they were a bit shy at first because AG was there but when the wine kicked in, they made me take out the ring and one by one, they posed for my camera to be CANDIFIED. It was fun and hilarious at the same time. I kept saying, that I hope AG will not in the future, marry all 5 of us. Just me is enough.

Everyone seems to want it but only 1 can have it. Besides, there's already my name on it. Literally.

This seal is to make sure that I don't sell it to a client. But what if the offer is triple the price?? Tempting....BWA HA HAHA (just kidding honey).

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Woman From U.N.C.L.E said...

it is gorgeous!!'re a Theresian? me too!

Congratrulations, Candy!