Tuesday, August 10, 2010

After my Lychee Martini, Misibis Bay, Part 3.

Our first dinner in Misibis Bay was truly romantic. Candles were lit and soft music was playing (Kenny G to be exact), in the background. Cheesy ba?

The chef prepared something special for honey and I. The soup was simple, delicious and it warmed up the tummy for what's to come.

Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, beefsteak tagalog and Dory fish in chili sauce.

We were overloaded with dessert. We had ube pannacotta, chocolate cake, leche flan and jackfruit turon with vanilla cream topped with pistaccio.

I had a Buko Lychee Martini and honey had beer.

Over drinks, I asked AG to go back to the room to get some cash for tipping the super awesome waiter. When he got back, he told me to close my eyes. Thinking it was another birthday gift, I giddily obeyed and shut them and clamped my hands together, much like a little girl would when promised a surprise. My lychee martini was already taking its effects.

He then told me to give him my right hand.

At this point, tears just came out freely and no matter how hard I tried to control myself, I was shaking and crying like a child. Our waiter stayed away, probably thinking that we are fighting. It took me about 4 minutes to control myself and calm down. I gave him my right hand slowly but surely. I KNEW this was going to be a JUL B. DIZON ring. Hahaha. I also knew that I have set my standards with Ginny and Lucille years ago. so they are responsible for living up to my expectations. Poor AG. But listen, I am at the workshop everyday of my life. I check on what's being worked on. I knew the line up of works to follow. I had no idea that this order even existed.

My eyes were still closed when I felt the ring go in. I kept them closed until I was mentally ready to see and realize what was going on.

And then, I opened them. His hand was still on mine. When I saw it, I nearly fainted. It was so much better than what I hoped for.

I cried....more than you will ever know. I miss my Mom. I am crying now, as I am telling you this. It's a mixture of utmost joy and sadness. I need her for this. I want her to be here. I need to share with her my happiness.

To AG, this is the best effect a martini has ever had on me. Thank you and although I already said it in person, my answer is, I love you therefore, YES.

Before shutting our eyes to sleep, I had to take another photo.


JoanneRK said...

congratulations! It's a very beautiful ring :)

Rachel said...

That is the most romantic story ever. I cried when I read about your mom. Congratulations Candy and you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful ring. It's not like any engagement ring I have ever seen.

Congratulations to you both!

Freddie Ricafrente said...

Congratulations to both of you!

aisa said...

Congratulations! Such a beautiful ring!

Lucille Dizon said...

Awwwwww.........im tearing up as i imagine what happened there because you never told me the story. I guess because im always late and oblivious in our usual chica time mornings. I blame it on my meds. Anyway, you know im Pro-AG! LOL! Congratulations sista!!!! Can't wait to dress up on your wedding day!!! hahahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww (me.. tears of joy) how i wish my boyfriend propose to me too :(
congratulation to both of you :)

CarminaSJ said...

Cands!!!! I just got back to checking all the blogs I follow and I'm soooooooooooo shocked! CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry for bugging you during your Misibis Trip!!! Had I known I wouldn't have. Hahahaha! I gotta say though, your beautiful ring makes me miss my Jul B. Dizon ring even more. (No pun intended.) Just happy that you're happy =) you deserve it... Ang sweet naman ng proposal.

I'm sure your mom is smiling down on you during this time of joy.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! love the ring and big hugs to you!!

will see you soon!!

J lo

thebaghag said...

Aww candy i never read this! But glad i did! Congratulations!! The ring is GOrGEOUS!!!