Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep It Comin!!!

Who says a birthday only has to be a day??? Mine has been going on for 28 days now. I seriously love my friends and family who think of me during their travels abroad. It makes me feel that our friendship is strong enough to withstand even with thousands of miles apart.

To my Mandarin Oriental family, these mooncakes are SUPER DUPER UBERLY delicious. I apologize to my family because I ain't sharing this one. Check out my huge bite! Wanted to get into the chocolate in the middle.

My lawyer, my secret keeper, my supplier of all bad things. I was expecting a male stripper but you really caught me by surprise with this. It's a normal gift, one that won't get us into prison. Thank you so much, I used it last night already because I love the smell.

Charisse, sobra na to. I want to cry. You are too kind to me and I am so touched that you thought of me when you were shopping in the US.

Check out my chocolate!!! Kit Kat, move aside, thanks to JDH, HEMP is taking over. I just better make sure I don't eat this all in one sitting. And for those who don't know what HEMP is, look it up.

Sees Almond Royal Candies (my favorite) and tea. But's not just any's tea specially made for LOUIS VUITTON!! How cool is that? Thanks Tita Wilma!!

Don't stop now guys! You are on a roll!!! BWA HA HA HA!! More to come, because there are more that I need to post about my birthday loot!!!

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