Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Birthday Loot, Part 2

I hope you don't mind when I document about the gifts I get. It's just fun and it is something that I want to always look back on. There's still others that I yet have to take a photo of so I guess there will be a Part 3 to this series. Stay tuned!

To the gifts you gave me, thanks so much! I love them all. I am not just saying that, I REALLY DO!! You all know me so well.

This I will definitely bring with me when I go back to Misibis Bay. Lotion, scrub, cologne and a whole lot more! Love the bag too! Thanks a bunch Sari!!

This will be a perfect bag to carry around because it is waterproof. Thanks Ing!
She is my idol and her son is one of my dearest friends. Thank you Jun. Muah!
Selina, you never forget me. Always so sweet with your gifts. Thank you.
Salome is trying to make me into a bag collector. She doesn't know that my closet can never ever ever catch up to hers. But thanks for trying. I love the color and shape!! Turquoise girl ka talaga.
To my new dear friend, Kristine. Thank you for coming to the party even if you are preggy!! And you are wrong, I am not a girl who has everything. Si Salome and Ingrid yon. Hahaha.
A BIG FAT MUUUAAAHHHH to all of you.

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