Friday, August 20, 2010

Shame on You Batang Lagim.

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on my post on Batang Lagim, I came upon another site in YouTube of another dance that they did using the SAME TACTIC of the diaper "accidentally" falling off.

When it wasn't done on purpose, it was hilarious, but now that my eyes were opened to the truth, it does seem sick and perverted. Suddenly, it's not at all funny anymore.


Anonymous said...

at the 4:31 mark the 'kid' starts loosening it up:

shame on them talaga!

Joy Page Manuel said...

I totally agree with you. Can't that be categorized as some form of child abuse? And if so, can't the authorities step in? I think it's even more disturbing that audiences find this amusing / entertaining.

Anonymous said...

that is just sickening!! I saw him purposely unhook his diaper on the left then on the right! I hope whatever contest that was... the will never be allowed to join to any dance contest or whatever!!!
kadiri! ang bastus!!


Candifier said...

Someone should report this but to whom? DSWD? It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

Different cultures.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong.

It's a marvellous idea telling us that the body a boy, af a child is not a toy. If you want to see pervetion, it's because you are thinking that children are not alive but dolls.

Art, dance, must go against blindness

( English is not ma language)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, your reaction is not right. You made confusion between cultural expression and sexual abuse.

There is a lot of dance band who do this "death dance" around the world. And, yes, the diaper/nude dance is a part of the show.

Batang Magim is a dance band which members are between 6/7 years old to 15/16 years old. It's not the only youth dance group to do this dance. You can't think they are all perverts, it's insane.

Mike from Italy said...

I just saw this video now, nearly two years after it happened.
Some people are really bigots, they think the human body is a terrible thing that should never be seen in public. It's the residue of these strange religions that middle eastern cultures invented many centuries ago and which many people keep insisting on these days.
All the mothers and kids watching that dance liked it, the boy too I think. Fortunately we are not all the same, some people have a more natural, simple and positive approach to life. I really hope Candy and Co. will not find a way to jail them all, haha!