Monday, August 23, 2010

Freaking Frutti Froyo!

I say freaking because Frutti Froyo opened about 3 minute walking distance from my house. This is totally bad news for me and my wallet.

First of all, the kids LOVE it. Secondly, I LOVE it. For those who need to gain weight and make your wallet thinner, just follow these steps.

Get your desired cup size.

Step 2. Choose your flavored yogurt. There's Green Apple and Peach.

Taro and Banana.
Blueberry and Plain.

Choose your toppings!! There'a about 50 or more choices of chocolates, nuts and candies!

Add your syrup. Caramel, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate.

Although I must warn's not cheap! 4 cups of assorted weight cost me P615.00!! It really depends on how heavy it is as it is weighed in the end.

My yaya went crazy when she saw the P18.00 per oz. She thought it was P18.00 per cup. AG was shocked to pay about P200.00 for the cup she got! Good thing she still has a job!

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