Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Suite 12, Misibis Bay, Part 2

Once we entered the room, I fell in love. It's exactly what I want my room to look like. Spacious, clean, orderly, comfortable, relaxing, and did I say clean?

It is situated on top of a hill, not a hard climb at all though. It is separated from all the other rooms and villas which made it perfect. Our view was the beach. To our right is our own jacuzzi. Ok, let me just show you so you can stop imagining it.

But let it be known, if we go back here, Suite 12 is MINE!!! ALL MINE!!! BWA HA HA HAHA (evil laugh).

L'Occitane shower products! LOVE IT!

There's a welcome foot wash! Ours was done by REXON. Do you think he was named after the underarm protection?

Here's our room in the night time.

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Anonymous said...

I want to have Suite 12 too. If that is your favorite, it is mine as well. :) stalker ba?