Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bye to Dark Spots!

I always thought this photo is cute. It seems to me that my skin is healthy and nice.

But look again. See that spot within the circle?? That's a dark spot that suddenly appeared on my cheek sometime last year. It irritates me. I need help and I really don't want to do the laser thing. I am scared and I don't like pain.

I attended the press launch of Ponds at The Peninsula Hotel and this is what I learned.

Women for decades have been searching for flawless and radiant skin – fair skin that is free from any dark spots or blemishes. Most people believe that the best and quickest way to deal with such spots is professional treatment by using laser technology. But Pond’s continues to stand by its belief that being beautiful should be easily accessible.

Pond’s introduces another breakthrough in skin care innovation: Pond’s Flawless White Blemish Protection UV Cream not only lightens but prevents the spots before they appear.

Even perfect skin can conceal spots under the surface. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you don’t have it – this is the hidden truth about sun spots. Harmful rays from the sun not only darken your complexion but also go deep into your skin causing dark spots to appear later on.

Protection from the harmful rays of the sun is vital to avoid dark spots for flawless white skin. Pond’s Flawless White Blemish Protection UV contains a light moisturizing formula with SPF 15 and 4 Star Superior UVA protection to prevent the formation of dark spots underneath the skin. It protects against both deep penetrating UVA and skin burning UVB rays giving 100% UV Range protection for the skin. It also contains breakthrough VAO-B3, an active complex that works in all layers of the skin for maximum skin lightening performance.

Don’t wait for those spots to appear and ruin your dreams of maintaining flawless white glow. Feel beautiful, stay protected, and maintain your radiant white skin with this latest skin care innovation from Pond’s!

So now, I am using this product and hopefully the next time I post a photo showing my right cheek, I won't have to retouch it in my iPhoto.

But before I can really take care of my dark spot, I want to be sure that my skin is clean or any impurities. After all, someone is going to be a bride soon. (Tan-tan-tanan!!) For the last 3 days, I have also been using the new Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon. Sounds cool eh??

Pond’s reveals its little black beauty secret with the new powerful and exciting innovation that gives you pure and bright white skin: Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam.
When it comes to cleansing and brightening our face’s sensitive skin, we try almost every possible beauty product and regimen there is out there…

Unlike other facial foams, this latest offering from Pond’s employs a new cleansing philosophy that makes use of a special, naturally derived black ingredient that has been used in Asia.

Pond’s Pure White Facial foam contains Activated Carbon, an ingredient proven to easily adsorb impurities. This facial foam cleanses away dirt oil, and make-up that accumulate deep within the skin’s pores, lifting dead skin cells and helps reduce blemishes to reveal you’re natural, pure, white skin.

It is the first Pond’s product to be formulated with Activated Carbon, which works with “black attracts black:” The activated carbon can adsorb and lift away the "black" dirt and the most stubborn impurities from the skin’s surface. Popular in various industries as an effective purifier, this special ingredient is obtained from heating natural and organic substances such as nut shells, wood, and charcoal from bamboo. When heated, or “activated,” carbon becomes more porous; therefore increasing its ability to absorb impurities. Obtained from organic materials, it is mild, safe yet effective in helping to cleanse your skin and bringing out your skin’s natural whiteness.

With Pond’s legendary expertise in skin care, Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon takes skincare to the next level. Look and feel more confident with cleaner and brighter skin with this new little black secret!

By the way, did I tell you that it is super affordable? The cream is P99.00 (introductory price) and the 100 grams of facial foam is P150.00. I am totally stocking up now. You should do the same.


Anonymous said...

Really now.. try it and let us know how it went :)

Candifier said...

Yup, already using it. Let's see in a few weeks! Stay tuned.