Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Reason to Get Bored in Misibis Bay, Part 4.

In the resorts that I have stayed in in Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Bohol and others, every single move you make costs something. For example, intro to scuba, ATV, zipline, wall climbing, sailing, kayaking and other activities has a corresponding charge, per hour. It can get quite pricey if you want to have a day full of activities. But in Misibis Bay, all these things are FREE!!!

As soon as we checked in, we were given a schedule on the things that we can do, if wanted to. Of course, we said yes to all their suggestions and at the end of the day, we were truly happy campers.

On our way to zip line, we saw the amphitheatre and was shocked at how beautiful it is. Especially with the background view. Simply breathtaking.

We got to ride their ATV, which is super fun. We went up to the top of the mountain and was able to see a part of Mt. Mayon. It is my first time to see it in real life. For 38 years, I have only seen it in books and postcards. I need to seriously go back when the sky is cloudless.

We did the zipline, I was scared at first but it wasn't bad at all. So fun that honey did it twice.

We went diving and although the visibility wasn't that good, it was still fun and I saw Nemo and all sorts of colorful fish.

We skipped the kayak and sailing because we are lazy bums. AG went jet skiing instead and ripped his shorts in half when he fell off. It was hilarious. He called it, FELIX BAKAT, PRISON BREAK. I would show you a photo but I have to keep this blog rated GP.

While he was skiing away, I tried to work on my tan, spraying my Hawaiin Tropic sunblock which smells sooooo good. I enjoyed the view and this is where I realized that we really got a great suite. We have the beach view, pool and everything was just a few steps away.

If you bring your kids to Misibis Bay, they will go crazy with things that they can do. They can play in the children's lounge where there's WII and Playstation, outdoor and indoor playground. They have a huge kiddie pool. They too will have so much fun in zip line and riding the ATV.

We lounged a lot in the pool and in our own mini pool next to our room. That alone was already great.

Our second night was outdoors. Again romantic setting and service was superb. I can't really say a single negative thing about this place. It's impossible.

I see no way that the word boredom can even be mentioned in Misibis Bay. And with that, the family is already planning our trip back there.

Diday Co-Pangilinan, thank you very much for everything. I mean it.

Misibis Bay Resort

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