Thursday, August 29, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo is Love.

Seriously loving the Women's Fall Winter 2013 Collection of Salvatore Ferragamo.

A few years ago, I felt that this brand is really for my Mom's age bracket. But after seeing the pieces up close, I feel that their collection is something I would love to have in my closet. From scarves to the shoes and bags, I fell in love. 

Style expressed through sophisticated linearity. Virtuosities of craftsmanship interpret the research of a perfect line. A graphic taste is represented by the elegance of sleek, ultra-feminine and pointy shapes, matched with thin heels and essential knots replacing the classic clasps with extraordinary balance. Modern models offer innovative combinations of boots, sandals and pumps, mixing laser-patterned leather with a 3D feel, metallic effects, patent leather and the plasticity of PVC. Shoes stand out as solid color blocks and present a sole, heel and lining entirely matching with the upper. The shoe collection is lit up by metallic details, eyelets, applied elements on bootlegs or small bars between the toes that recall the bag collection featuring the Palladium finish.

These perfect hybrids between ankle shoes, straps and pumps unveil sensual proportions of naked skin outlining the leg through mignon closures, while constructed sandals wrap the ankle with a game of leather strips; an embellishment that becomes an essential element of the structure. New pumps combine the mirrored effect of metallic leather with the clear transparency of PVC.

The selection of foulards offers creative and artistic news, suggested with flower and feline prints, classic motifs constituting the DNA of Salvatore Ferragamo. The powerful color palette paints intense hues of Barolo red, black, red, ivory and hints of teal. Absolutely new is the Fun collection. Pictorial appeal for a refined tale of creativity characterized by a modern and conceptual stylistic approach that still keeps alive iconic elements such as the patchwork of the archive designs.

Luxury in an exclusive blend of architectural lines and premium quality hides, molded by exquisite craftsmanship. A refined simplicity of shapes with the consistency of rich and full-bodied materials, conceived to keep the original silhouette of the bags, embarks on a journey through the bright textures of semi-polished calfskin, the more precious shaved pony and glossy crocodile.

The color palette explores a lunar environment with the dark tones of blue -Oxford and Steel- and featuring Pearl and Slate grey and experiencing an elegant silver twist with the New Helmut and platinum. Black and white offer impeccable neutrality.

Luxury in an exclusive blend of architectural lines and premium quality hides, molded by exquisite craftsmanship. A refined simplicity of shapes with the consistency of rich and full-bodied materials, conceived to keep the original silhouette of the bags, embarks on a journey through the bright textures of semi-polished calfskin, the more precious shaved pony and glossy crocodile. Precise proportions define the new soft hobo handbags enhanced by leather tassels and new accessories such as Palladium finished keys and lock. Small flat accurately constructed satchels, display adjustable shoulder straps secured by a newly designed clasp, clearly alluding to the Gancio. Semi-rigid geometric shaped tote bags contain the handle in the body of the bag, highlighting it with a thin metallic coating. The new collection features split and crust leather linings that match the outside tones; a defined taste aimed at harmonizing color blocks. Refined top handle mini bags are closed with a lock, and present the zipper iconic detailing and a completely laminated handle suggesting a firmer and more square allure while new flap bags fold in a ton sur ton effect.

In the Philippines, Salvatore Ferragamo is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Greenbelt 4, Rustan’s Makati, Power Plant Mall, Rustan’s Tower, Rustan’s Cebu, Newport Mall, and Alabang Town Center.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Dark World.

I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Million People March!!!


Lesson Not Learned.

My Mom used to tell me all the time that negative experiences are lessons in life. If you don't learn from them, it will happen to you again and again until you do. When she told me this, she was referring to my love life. But I have come to use this lesson in my every day life. 

This week has been terrible for all of us. 

First, there's that HUGE problem about Napoles and other members of our government. Our police can't seem to find her or perhaps, some are purposely hiding her because they are protecting themselves as well. It's sad. 

Secondly, Maring. The non-stop rain has been devastating. No school and work for 3-4 days which means, progress has halted. 

This kind of incident usually brings people together. We tend to care more about people in unfortunate situations and we show it through donating food, time and money. 

In Instagram, you will see proof of all this. 

But before we learn from this lesson, we must understand the cause. Aside from bad urban planning in some areas, there's the issue of trash uncollected and how they are disposed by some of our fellowmen. Most of whom are the ones suffering now. 

I am pretty sure that there's a whole range of problems and solutions out there with regards to trash management/disposal. There is one thing that we, the simple people, citizens of this country, can do to help. It's simple. 

If we all just forego the usage of plastic bags, there will be significant change for the better. It's really that simple. A lot of City Mayors have already implemented the #notoplastic rule in shopping malls, grocery and other retail establishments. 

But I believe the NO PLASTIC RULE should be implemented not only on normal days but EVERY SINGLE DAY. Donating relief goods in plastic bags is totally ironic. 

When your government says, "Don't use plastic because it is not good for your country. It causes floods because it is not bio-degradable, it clogs the drainage system. " So when floods come about, we give relief goods to those who are affected....but the weird thing is, they come in plastic bags.

Although it's such a great thing to come together and help our fellowmen in need, let's avoid this kind of situation....

.....simply by not using plastic bags. It's not a new idea. I see a lot of people already practicing the awesome deed of using eco-bags but we do need to spread the news as much as we can. 

All photos are from varied Instagram accounts. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hefty Brekkie!!!

If you know me, you know that our breakfast at home is usually a pretty heavy meal. Rice, bread, hot dishes, spreads and almost always, dessert. 

Aside from Sunday lunches, it is the only time that the family can sit down and exchange ideas, gossip, jokes and plans. 

Sometimes, I am not happy with what Manang serves. When Dad or Kuya Ced prepares the meal though, I know right away that I would be skipping lunch because I would be too full. 

This morning, I was happy to see a spread that says, "MAKE YOUR OWN HOTDOG BURRITO!"

And that's exactly what I did. 

Step 1. Heat your tortilla bread

Step 2. Put a scoop of chili con carne.

Step 3. Add your desired veggies. 

Step 4. Sprinkle with cheese. 

Step 5. Add freshly chopped tomatoes. 

Step 6. Put on the hotdog

Step 7. Pour sour cream all over

Step 8. Roll and devour

It's 1:20 pm and I am still full although, seeing the photos, I wouldn't mind another hotdog burrito right now. 

Thanks Kuya!!! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

ODE, Collaboration with Manila's Finest.

When one buys jewelry, one automatically thinks of what dress/outfit to wear with it. At least, this holds true for most of my friends and sisters. 

For our Anniversary last month, we decided to give recognition to four very fashionable women of the past. We chose these four according to our own personal style. 

It didn't end with the woman and the jewelry, we had to work with fashion designers who will render the completion of our desired look for the models that will represent the chosen icons. 

Ginny's design embodies the ever-glamorous Elizabeth Taylor. We couldn't think of a better fashion designer than Rajo Laurel.

To go with the formality of the event, Rajo designed a beaded swimsuit, a dramatic matching cape and a turban that brought out the beauty of both the model and the jewelry. It was exactly what Ginny had wanted. 

I have always loved Grace Kelly. I think she was the perfect choice for me because we both share the love for flowers. I asked JC Buendia to work with me because I know how delicate his creations are. Very proper and sweet. 

"Hers is a style aesthetic that I also adhere to. I believe that if she were alive today, she would be attracted to my jewellery designs.”

That's what Janina Dizon-Hoschka has to say about her choice, Wallis Simpson. 
Ivarluski Aseron was clearly the person to work with. 

"My vision for this collection embodies an interpretation of the Modern East, influenced by an art deco form which I drew from Tina Chow's ethnic background and style sensibility." - Lucille Dizon

The clean, structured and geometric expertise of Joey Samson is why Lucille chose him to make the dress for "Tina Chow."

Rajo Laurel, Ivarluski Aseron, Joey Samon and JC Buendia also did our clothes for the event. 

Thank you for your never ending support and love to the Dizon ladies. 

An ODE to the Women of Jul B. Dizon.

For the venue, we booked The Peninsula Manila.

For the ballroom, we got Robert Blancaflor as stylist.

Villa Del Conte was kind enough to give our guests chocolates.

Our hair was by Kiehl's,

The models and our make up was by Shu Uemura.

Cat Cantada-Dizon did mine.

Omar Ermita did my legs. He complained a lot. He said that one case of Bathina is not enough. (hahaha)

It was an awesome Instagram moment, although, I am sure this scene happens to celebrities ALL THE TIME. Here's George Aliben and Ogie Rayel working on my hair. 

Thank you Kiehl's and Shu Uemura for making the women of Jul B. Dizon, models and mortals, look very glamorous. 

Make-up by Cathy Cantada-Dizon

Make up by John Pagaduan.

Make up by Omar Ermita

Make-up by Angie Cruz

Omar did Janina's make up. 

Make-up by John Pagaduan.

Make up by Angie Cruz

Now part of the Dizon family are Ria and Anne.

Caress Banson did all four paintings. They are currently on display in our shops. 

For the giveaways, we ordered from ZenZest. 
Four designers, four scents. 

Wallis Simpson for Janina. 
Freesia and Iris. 

Tina Chow for Lucille. 
Ginger and Green Tea.

Elizabeth Taylor for Ginny. 
Peony Iris.

Grace Kelly for me. 
Water Cucumber.

More to follow. Please stay tuned....