Thursday, August 15, 2013

ODE, Collaboration with Manila's Finest.

When one buys jewelry, one automatically thinks of what dress/outfit to wear with it. At least, this holds true for most of my friends and sisters. 

For our Anniversary last month, we decided to give recognition to four very fashionable women of the past. We chose these four according to our own personal style. 

It didn't end with the woman and the jewelry, we had to work with fashion designers who will render the completion of our desired look for the models that will represent the chosen icons. 

Ginny's design embodies the ever-glamorous Elizabeth Taylor. We couldn't think of a better fashion designer than Rajo Laurel.

To go with the formality of the event, Rajo designed a beaded swimsuit, a dramatic matching cape and a turban that brought out the beauty of both the model and the jewelry. It was exactly what Ginny had wanted. 

I have always loved Grace Kelly. I think she was the perfect choice for me because we both share the love for flowers. I asked JC Buendia to work with me because I know how delicate his creations are. Very proper and sweet. 

"Hers is a style aesthetic that I also adhere to. I believe that if she were alive today, she would be attracted to my jewellery designs.”

That's what Janina Dizon-Hoschka has to say about her choice, Wallis Simpson. 
Ivarluski Aseron was clearly the person to work with. 

"My vision for this collection embodies an interpretation of the Modern East, influenced by an art deco form which I drew from Tina Chow's ethnic background and style sensibility." - Lucille Dizon

The clean, structured and geometric expertise of Joey Samson is why Lucille chose him to make the dress for "Tina Chow."

Rajo Laurel, Ivarluski Aseron, Joey Samon and JC Buendia also did our clothes for the event. 

Thank you for your never ending support and love to the Dizon ladies. 

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