Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Because CJ Says So....

WE ALL WATCH MOVIES. Every single one of us. But for the past year or so, watching the previews is torture, at least 2 minutes of it. 

When CJ posted this on IG, I was just happy that he was brave enough to have taken the photo without having the guards catch him. If you really think about it, it's quite funny. CJ taking a photo of the anti-camcording law commercial where in someone in the film is recoding a movie. Labo. 

But it is something that I have always hated, so much that I reposted it in my IG. 

Anyway, I decided to blog about it so that maybe, just maybe MAYBE, it will be replaced with something more klazzy. 

I couldn't find the other one with Randy Santiago and John Estrada but that one is equally bad. 

Perhaps something more informative than slapstick would be more effective.

Thanks to a friend in Facebook, I found this and I need to add this to one of the most irritating infomercials ever.

Listen Chairman Villareal, I totally understand the need to educate the viewers but there are so many great local writers, directors, cinematographers out there that you can hire.

Please lang.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I HATE THOSE! both commercials make me seethe with rage. The john estrada and randy santiago one is only slightly less annoying. In Gateway Mall, God bless them, they just flash a simple text about the anti-camcording law.