Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Birthday Party!!!

My family was waiting for their turn. Seems like my birthday lunches, dinners and miriendas are never ending. Last week, as I was shopping for something in Trinoma, my kids and I visited the newly opened Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and fell in love with the place. 

Lucille and I decided that it would be a double celebration for Lauren and me and to have my Quezon City family dwellers enjoy the goodness of VCB. 

Some ordered a full meal. I personally like my ribs. It was tender and came off the bone without effort. 

Jacqui had the beef tapa! 

Salad was never this cute! The utensils change the dining experience. 

Time for dessert. With a whole range of choices, it's a task to select just one. 

They even have whole cakes now and one slice is for sharing!! 

My family, friends and I soaking in the beautiful set up. 

Margot, my youngest niece looked perfect in her pink outfit and carnation inspired headband.

Meet Betcha. She has adorable kids. 

Noey is just too cute!!! 

I really grosses me out when kids do this to their eyes. All the Dizon boys do it. I just don't get it. How do they learn how to flip their eyelids in the first place? It couldn't have "just" happen. WEIRD. 

Obviously, Gavin is obsessed with his eye tricks! 

"Watch me cross my eyes!"

Thank you all for coming! 
I want to thank my dear friend Cris Roque for the wonderfully sweet experience!!!


Anonymous said...

hello! may i ask how much did you spend? im planning to throw a surprise bridal shower for my sister.. i thought tea party would be nice..and i like the set up of vanilla cupcake bakery. maybe you could suggest a place similar to vanilla cupcake bakery. hope ou'll reply! really need help :)

Candy B. Dizon said...

I spent about 7k but a lot of the guests just has cupcakes and coffee. If everyone orders food/hot meals, price will surely go up. I love this place!