Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lesson Not Learned.

My Mom used to tell me all the time that negative experiences are lessons in life. If you don't learn from them, it will happen to you again and again until you do. When she told me this, she was referring to my love life. But I have come to use this lesson in my every day life. 

This week has been terrible for all of us. 

First, there's that HUGE problem about Napoles and other members of our government. Our police can't seem to find her or perhaps, some are purposely hiding her because they are protecting themselves as well. It's sad. 

Secondly, Maring. The non-stop rain has been devastating. No school and work for 3-4 days which means, progress has halted. 

This kind of incident usually brings people together. We tend to care more about people in unfortunate situations and we show it through donating food, time and money. 

In Instagram, you will see proof of all this. 

But before we learn from this lesson, we must understand the cause. Aside from bad urban planning in some areas, there's the issue of trash uncollected and how they are disposed by some of our fellowmen. Most of whom are the ones suffering now. 

I am pretty sure that there's a whole range of problems and solutions out there with regards to trash management/disposal. There is one thing that we, the simple people, citizens of this country, can do to help. It's simple. 

If we all just forego the usage of plastic bags, there will be significant change for the better. It's really that simple. A lot of City Mayors have already implemented the #notoplastic rule in shopping malls, grocery and other retail establishments. 

But I believe the NO PLASTIC RULE should be implemented not only on normal days but EVERY SINGLE DAY. Donating relief goods in plastic bags is totally ironic. 

When your government says, "Don't use plastic because it is not good for your country. It causes floods because it is not bio-degradable, it clogs the drainage system. " So when floods come about, we give relief goods to those who are affected....but the weird thing is, they come in plastic bags.

Although it's such a great thing to come together and help our fellowmen in need, let's avoid this kind of situation....

.....simply by not using plastic bags. It's not a new idea. I see a lot of people already practicing the awesome deed of using eco-bags but we do need to spread the news as much as we can. 

All photos are from varied Instagram accounts. 

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Anonymous said...

On the one hand, it's easy to see the benefit of the "No Plastic Bag" rule as plastic bags have clogged creeks, rivers and other waterways. However, I wonder if the alternatives are any better.

For instance, I've seen groceries use at least 2 paper bags in lieu of 1 plastic bag, to ensure that contents don't burst. From an environmental standpoint, I think 2 paper bags are equally damaging. Or, we could use eco bags, but are eco bags truly "eco" and biodegradable?

Maybe the main problem is that we lack discipline and hence, throw our garbage everywhere but in its proper place. As a result, government steps in and mandates the use of alternatives which have their own negatives too.