Monday, August 5, 2013

The Birthday Continues....

Last Friday, Rosette invited a few friends over for another birthday dinner for me!!! I love my friends. 

It was Joel, Puey, Dennis, Ivar, James, Paul, Rosette and myself trying to eat 3 boxes of LARGE pizzas, pasta, salad, dips and bread and assorted desserts!! We failed to finish it all. We did however, finish 3 bottles of red wine and for me, 3 glasses of Vodka tonic. 

Out comes the frozen brazo de mercedes, which was my birthday cake!!! Thank you so much TR for hosting this super fun dinner party. I love you, you know that!!!! 

When I got home, I opened more gifts!!! 

I really didn't want to open this one up because it was wrapped BEAUTIFULLY!!! But when I saw chocolate, I had to check what else was inside. 

I found these!!! OMG, I nearly fainted. 

The very next day, I was called to lunch by my brother, Cedric. 

When I got downstairs, he prepared ALL THIS for ME!!!! This time, I really kabusugan!!!

And then today, 2 gifts came my way!!!! 

Thank you so much for loving me. I feel so blessed to have people like you in my life. I am grateful to God for giving you all to me. Just remember that I am always here for you guys too. 


njmanang said...

Wow nice gifts. I wanna be you when I grow up. Or least have your friends and relatives :) Happy Birthday. Who cares about being a year older if you can that kind of loot!!

Sugar and Spice said...

Sarap to celebrate birthdays. You are so loved! <3 Wishing you more love & happiness.