Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Candy Yapified!

Let me warp back to July 12. 

It was the birthday of my Daddy Felipe. As you may know, I have been adopted by the Yap Family. Having two awesome families is so much better than one, especially since I don't have a family-in-law. 

Anyway, it was held in The Conservatory and as it is becoming a tradition, I was asked to help out with the decor. It was also the celebration of Mommy Emma's birthday. It being a joint party, it just made the  level of "bongga-ness" go way up high. 

I needed help. 

I need Robert Blancaflor. 

Sure enough, with just one call, we were able to make The Conservatory beautifully ready for a party of 70 people. 

With Instagram, drama is always magnified. 

The food was exceptionally good. 

The desserts......

One for Mom.

And one for Dad. 

Dad's precious kids, (missing in this photo is ME!)

The rest of the gang! 

Uuuuyyyy...... (wink wink)

Thank you for loving me like one of your own! 

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