Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It Ain't Easy to Party with the Yaps.

Teddy Dario invited me to have a birthday party in Opus two weeks ago. Yes, another birthday party. I am really not sure when my birthday celebrations will end but I believe it will be quite soon.

Anyway, Opus has given me an open bar from 9-11 pm. We can also bring a bottle, free of corkage. so why not, choc nut! 

Who else would I ask to go to Opus with me? No one else but my Yap family. I told Christine to handle everything. And so she did. All I had to do was show up.

When she told me that she would invite my siblings, I was like...."Yeah right, good luck with that. My siblings don't do Makati, they will never do Resorts World area, especially on a weekday."

After a few Whatsapp exchanges and threats, my siblings agreed to go. I was floored. 

She wanted to have dinner prior to the clubbing (yeah clubbing at 9pm, we are cool like that). 

Suddenly, we all found ourselves in Cru, the steakhouse in Marriott where I saw an old friend, Jojo Berenguer, who is now the Food and Beverage Manager of Marriott. 

He was so sweet to send over a bottle of wine and a birthday cake! Thank you!!!

Photo by Venisse Hermano

Luckily, Joey Lorenzo and Steffie were able to join us for dinner. They ditched us afterwards. 

Christine and Venisse. 

Samantha, Chase and Cassey.

Jasmin and Rose

Yours truly with Lucille. 

Christine and Cedric

Rose and Eric, with Christine giving the peace sign. 

Ginny and Ven

Joey, Steffie and I ordered a 900 grams steak and crab cakes to share. 

Oh yeah baby......

At Opus, we were welcomed with 80's music. It was something Janina would have loved. At first, our gang was all cool and chill. Trying to act all that. 

When Dancing Queen came on and Sam, who just gave birth two months ago to twins, showed us her moves with Dennis, our resident Dance Instructor. 

And soon after Eric and DL showed us the power of tandem dancing. 

I was going to post videos of some nasty dance moves but I figure that we still have a pretty good reputation so I decided against it. Mawalan pa kayo ng respeto (hehe).

Anyway, after a few glasses of Vodka-Sprite and Rhum-Coke, the Dizons were pretty much done, while the Yaps brought out the Premier scotch. By 1 am, we were begging the Yaps to let us go but Madonna was on so more dancing was called for. 

And then, we were finally "allowed" to go home. REJOICE!!! 

Here are the photos being exchanged this morning. 

Thank you so much to my friends and family for going out on a Tuesday night. It was a lot of effort but it was also truly so much fun!!!! 

Thank you Teddy and Janine Dario and to Opus for such a great night. 

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