Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Christmas Is and Should Be.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Beautiful set up by Robert Blancaflor!!!

JC Buendia opens the show with a bang!

Jun Escario wows us with his collection. 

Francis Libiran adds a touch of sensuality with his uber sexy pieces!

Cary Santiago, who wasn't able to attend shows us the jeweled color collection.

With the collaboration with PMAP, the directorial awesomeness of Robby Carmona, the Tresemme event was truly a success.

The entertainment was equally enjoyable. 

JC Buendia and your bloggerina. 

Although I haven't tried using the products, I would like to thank you for the awesome loot!! Will blog about how it works on my hair as soon as I can. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Day with Lalaloopsy.

I love bringing Lucille's kids to work. They make me happy. 

Yesterday, I brought Lauren and made her bring all her mini Lalaloopsy dolls because I find them super cute! Here she is with her "SPA" set up. 

With matching backdrop. I love how she used our jewelry stands. 

And then, I borrowed the dolls because it was my turn to play! 
But of course, I put a little bling and instagram magic to it. 

Thank you Lauren! I gotta get me some of these dolls!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Specially for San Mateo!

Dear Fercho, Ckyap, CAR, GAng, WengC, MimiQ, Abelle, Adoree, KGab, Willen, Winnie Ginny, Claude, TinaL, JDH and BChua, 

I heard about the San Mateo Elementary School, Special Education Class for mentally challenged children, I knew that it is for them that my Jacqueline and brother CJ would like to celebrate their birthdays with. 

As soon as I posted it on my blog, you were so quick to offer your assistance and this truly warms my heart. 

I got in touch with the Mayora of San Mateo and she told me that they have 95-100 children that need special attention. Jacqui wanted to throw them an early Christmas party so I called up Party Perks and Winnie and Willin were more than happy to send over a magician for the kids' entertainment. 

Days after my post, I began to receive boxes of food, clothing and toiletry. It's really amazing how many people care and are willing to help. 

On this post, I have documented your donations and what had happened on the day of Nov. 30, 2012.

The goods start to arrive. 

I was able to buy net bags (#notoplasticbags) and we filled up 100 bags with all the goodies we collected. 

The dining room was a big chunk of loot bag.

When we arrived, everything was orderly, clean and the children were behaving so well. 

The program started with this awesome magician that kept the children in awe. Actually, the adults were equally shocked at his tricks! Thank you PARTY PERKS!!!

And then, the food was served. My team made it all happen and so quickly and efficiently. Thank you Ted, Budoy, Larbs, Ria, Maco and Delfa!! 

The reason we were there was because Jacqueline wanted to spend her birthday with the children. I am so proud of her. Here she is with her gang who helped out! Anton, Ana, Javier and the birthday girl, Jacqueline. (It's actually on the 24th of December but everyone will be too busy by then.) 

Thank you to my Daddy-O for lending us the Dizon bus. 

As the kids were eating, I spotted something that made my heart skip a beat. FISH BALLS!!!!

Called the vendor over and then my gang made tusok tusok the balls, even double dipped into the sauce. Manang totally lost track of how much we got because we were just going crazy over her siomai, sago't gulaman and kwek kwek (quail eggs). 

After everyone had eaten, the kids lined up to get their Christmas goodies! Oh what joy to see their smiling faces. The teachers were also happy about getting school materials such as crayons, clay, drawing notepads, activity books, musical instruments, balls and puzzles. 

Maco was hard at work. Naks!

The SPED head, school principal, Mayora Tina and your bloggerina. 

Mayora, Ria B and yours truly. 

P.S. Look at how beautiful the necklace is Ckyap. :)