Monday, December 10, 2012

Frozen by the Sun.

As you may know, Peninsula is my 2nd home. That means I have been eating more hotel food than home cooked meals for a decade. Yes, I do look for something new to eat once in a while so when an exciting new menu is announced, whether it be in Spices, Old Manila, Escolta or the Lobby, I get all worked up, in a good way. 

Last week, I was invited to try out the new Frozen by the Sun Ice cream menu! 

The set was so cute and fun and a dream come true for ice cream lovers.


Upon seeing The Lobby’s Frozen by the Sun menu, guests are given the choice between exciting new desserts as well as old favorites. The new ice cream concoctions come from the imaginations of Chef Patrick Boucher, Executive Chef of The Peninsula Manila, and his sweet-toothed sugar wiz, Chef Sebatien Cocquery, Executive Pastry Chef of The Peninsula Manila.

Go on..... drool. 

“We wanted to elaborate on the existing ice cream menu,” said Chef Sebastien. “We wanted to expand on the creations and the flavors available, and also the presentation. We went through a whole list of ice creams and were very happy with Selecta. The quality of Selecta Ice Cream is legendary, that’s the main purpose why we chose it, because we didn’t have to add to it. We could let the flavors of the frozen delights speak for themselves.”

These new temptations join the roster of Frozen by the Sun’s classic ice cream creations. Some of the top favorites include The Nutty Pageboy, a triple threat of chocolate, vanilla, and double dutch, loaded with marshmallows, rich caramel sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles; The Peninsula’s Halo-Halo Harana, a mouthwatering mix of macapuno, langka, kaong, nata de coco, sweet beans, garbanzos, pinipig, and ube, topped with shaved ice, ube royal ice cream, and leche flan (Trivia: An all-time crowd favorite, it has been called “The Best Legal High” by Time Magazine. The demand for Halo Halo Harana is so great that 7,300 servings are churned out of Chef Sebastien’s kitchen every year.); and Pen Pals, a Peninsula classic and the ultimate in ice cream indulgence and satisfaction. It consists of 19 scoops each of ice cream rocky road, double dutch, ube, chocolate truffle, strawberry, mango, quezo, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, buco salad and hazelnut brownie ice cream plus raspberry and mango sorbet, nestled on a bed of fresh fruits, topped with maraschino cherries, waffle sticks, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and is perfect for a company of six to 10 friends.

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