Monday, December 10, 2012

Lakme, Inspired Haircare.

There are four known elements in creating the perfect hairstyle: the texture of the hair, the shape of the face, the skill level of the hair stylist and, of course, one’s unique personality. But there’s one other element that people tend to overlook: quality hair products. After all, the trendiest haircuts and high-maintenance highlights won't work if you don't have the best, tried and tested product in hand.

Lakmé laboratories have developed an exclusive method of formulation that reaches the centre of the hair fiber through the High Affinity System (H.A.S). The brand applies this system of formulation to all its product families, thus developing a technical approach that constitutes the basic characteristic of Lakmé. H.A.S allows the products to penetrate into the hair keeping the hair’s integrity as its top priority.

The Lakmé color products include: Collage, a product for permanent coloring and flawless grey coverage –a powerful, intense, deep, lasting, and vibrant color from the most natural of total applications; Collage+, a range of shades that can achieve greater intensity and color deposit through the High Deposit Color (H.D.C.) technology developed at Lakmé laboratories; Collage Mix, shades that inspire new heights of creativity; Collage Redmotion, creates spectacular reds, coppers, and mahoganies in natural hair; Collage Clair, a complete range of golden, beige, and pearl shades used to tone and highlight; and Gloss, demi-permanent coloring with bright, vibrant, and lasting colors. 

Meanwhile, to maintain those professionally styled locks, Lakmé styling products include: K.Style hair sprays, Xtremehold mousse, hair gels, curl balm, heat-styling spray, hair wax, sea mist sea spray, control frizz serum, hair molding paste, and matter matte finish wax.

According to my lifestyle and how I fix my hair, this set was my choice. 

I applied this one first. It is a curl activator balm. 

Since I will use my curling iron, I sprayed this all over my hair. It is to protect it from damage. 

And lastly, to make it last the whole night, I applied this xtreme hold mousse. 

I loved the results! 

Lakmé will be exclusively distributed by Salon Beautifier Inc. and will soon be available in selected salons in the Metro.

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