Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jewels for Christmas!

I Adore Corregidor!

Dear Jeroen,

You mentioned in one of my photos I posted in Instagram that you have always wanted to go to Corregidor. Well, here's why you SHOULD.



At 6:30 am on a Sunday (God help me), I drove myself to my Yap Family's house where we would take one car to the port. 

Sun Cruises seems to have the monopoly in touring services in Corregidor and I am only glad that their ferry is NOTHING like the one I rode from Camiguin to CDO. 

Got a very pretty view of Manila from the ferry but I was still disappointed at the dark smog all over the city.

When we arrived, we were met by half a dozen newly refurbished trams!! It was lovely! 

And so the tour began where one can see ruins of buildings from WWII. I don't know but for some reason, I could feel myself transport back in time where thousand of people must have died due to the bombs, attacks and injuries. 

Still, it is hauntingly beautiful. I love the greens around the buildings. I could see the bullet holes on the walls and I couldn't help but imagine what the people went thru during this time. 

All over the island were guns. VERY BIG GUNS. They had repainted it so it looks new...wish they hadn't touched it though. 

There's only so much I can say about the Corregidor experience but let me tell you that I am only too happy that I was invited and that I didn't say no to my Yap Family. 

It is such an amazing place to go to especially for tourists, students and people who are interested in our Philippine history. Each place that we stopped at has an interesting story about it and it made me love my country even more. So many people died for our independence and the preservation of Corregidor is such a tremendous gift to the Filipino people. 

PLEASE, I urge you to go. Bring your children, bring a hat, fan, sunblock, camera and water. You may also want to put on mosquito repellant before going inside the tunnel. 

The battery room where they stored the shells. It's scary!!! 

I can imagine my nephews loving the sight of guns that are as big as these. 

No need to imagine where the canon balls landed on the buildings because you can see them up close!!

The beautiful scenery of Corregidor awaits you. Please visit!

Chase's big pun intended.

Inside this tunnel is a sound and light show. Tickets sold by the entrance. 

As MacArthur said, "I shall return." And so I shall with my nieces, nephews and everyone else that wants a piece of history stored in their hearts and minds forever. 

Mabuhay tayong lahat!


Here are some amazing shots from Bryan and Chase Yap. Enjoy!

Peninsula's Rockeoke Party!

When Peninsula throws a party, they really make sure that the guests have a really great time! 

It was held in Salon De Ning and everyone was just too excited to party with a live band who's ready to have anyone in the audience to sing with them, ROCKEOKE style! 

With so much food, drinks and wonderful friends, one is sure to have an awesome time! 

Thank you Peninsula for this wonderful evening!

Love the styling of the goodies!! Old style Coke bottles! 

Noodles in a take out box! 

Cotton Candy is always a hit!

Chocolates and sorbet in a cone!! 

Janina won the Party Starter Award. She was only too excited to render the first song on stage. 

Emi Jorge should have gotten the Hottest Legs Award.

My girls from the hood.