Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Katibawasan Falls.

Before going to Camiguin, I researched about we needed to see. In Google, you will see a thousand photos of the Katibawasan Falls and almost all the photos were amazing! I told my auntie and friends that we must absolutely see this place.

When we got there, I saw a few people swimming. It looked like fun!!

The beauty of Katibawasan Falls.

We went down the man made stairs and proceeded to take a dip. On the side, there was a picnic table. Off to the other side, a toilet. 

Now, please understand that I am not being prissy or snooty because I can really get down and dirty when it comes to roughing it up in the wild BUT if the officials decide to provide the visitors a toilet, PLEASE make sure that it is properly maintained. It was filthy and stinky and all I could think about is what the foreigners would think and say? 

In all honesty, I prefer it that places like this remain untouched. No need to have gates, office, stairs, shops and picnic tables. Let the beauty of nature as it is. If we have to trek down the falls, then so be it. The entrance fee is not needed BUT if there is one to pay for the upkeep of the place, then for heaven's sake, please keep the place clean, especially the toilets!

Photo by DeanAvic

Nature is at its best when man leaves it alone.  

Is it worth going to? If you have to travel from very far away then, sorry, no.
After spending a few minutes here, we left to find our next adventure!

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