Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not OKAY at Ukokkei!

CJ, my brother, is a toughie. At least he thinks he is. 

But he is scared shitless of cockroaches and rats. 

When he sees one, it is the only time I see him running for his life like a little girl.

This morning, he asked me to sit down and listen to a story that he and friends, including Penny, another toughie, experienced the night before for dinner. 

The storytelling was not enough with just mere words. Penny took out his white board marker and decided to illustrate their nightmare. 

It happened in Ukokkei Ramen Ron. 

Now, I know a lot of you people love the ramen that they serve but this story is worth telling. Hopefully it will create a change for the better for the owner, staff and customers. Until then, I think you should skip eating there first. 

The story begins.....

They were eating, half way with their noodles, Penny hears a thump on his side of the table. 

As the illustration shows, it was right behind him, near the kitchen. 

The RATukkei (the name given to the pest) went on top of the wooden plank near the customers and proceeded to go to the other side of the area and because there were bags of clients blocking the way, RATukkei scrambled, climbed on the bags just to get through.... (EEEWWWW). The C represents customers. They saw it and left the establishment faster than a bullet. 

RATukkei then proceeded to a corner where it was stuck and hid by a pillar of some sort. It was there for a long time because it had no where to go. It was cornered. Everyone could hear the eeeek eeeekkk sound it made. That would be enough for me to run out, faint along the way, probably hit my head and die. 

At this point, with their unfinished bowls of ramen, the tough guys, CJ and Penny ran out the door and had hotdogs across the street to satisfy their hunger. 

I asked, "How big was the rat?"
Penny drew the 8 INCH RAT on the white board. I nearly puked.


Now, I know that this place was once closed down for what reason, I do not know. There are too many stories behind why it was shut down but WHOEVER allowed it to re-open without proper SANITARY PERMIT must have been crazy. If RATukkei was walking around freely during dining hours, 8 pm.....can you imagine what he and his brothers do when the place is closed for the night? 

Thank goodness I wasn't there when it happened but this is something I do not wish to happen to ANYONE because it can cause death! LEPTOSPIROSIS is a serious disease! 

The staff you ask?? Well, they tried looking for it but to no avail. I think that for the inconvenience and the half eaten orders, the LEAST the restaurant could have done was not to charge the customers. But of course, they had to pay full amount. 

I don't care how delicious their food me, my first time there is definitely the LAST. 

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Pia M said...

Maxx keeps eating here and brought all of us once and I was not impressed because it honestly is just like instant noodles (my opinion) you buy at the grocer's, which taste good, but costs less and serves its purpose when you want a quick meal. Haven't gone back since.

Now, with this post, I have more reason to not need to go there. But, mind you, all over Makati is like this with regard to rodents. When Franz was still around, we loved eating at Nano Hana on Valero St. The last time we ate there was because we saw a huge rat (it'll one-up the one in this post!) crossing the street very casually. Not even scurrying.

This is really very bad for the health, seriously. I hope they can do something about these rodents, before they get too comfy about hanging around no?