Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All Out for Halloween.

If I were to grade myself for my Halloween decor last week, I would give me an A for EYFORT!! 

I don't know what came over me that I went all out on how to make the Dizon residence as spooky as possible. It just seemed so fun and the options on what to buy are extensive! 

I started my day at 9:00 am of the 31'st. Moved tables around, took out sofas and brought out the tree trunk that I purchased at Manila Seedling. Yes, I even bought 2 trees with scary "arms and fingers."

By 4 pm, I was completely done with my set up. I planned NOT to turn on any lights for dinner. I would light up around 60 candles and depend on that for light. Spoooky. 

Here's what it looked like with a little bit of sun light.  

I saw an orange hamper and had to buy it. I filled it up with assorted chips! 

The straw added a great effect. 

The adult's table. I bought all the black glass from Crossings for P60.00 each. 

Instagram makes everything look better. 

When night fell. I was only too excited to light up the candles and see the full effect.

I hung white ghosts under the mango tree and thanks to Robert Blancaflor's LED spotlights, it became a focal point of the "haunted house."

The dessert table was filled with candies, chocolates, chips, red "bloody" Hawaiin Punch juice and fruits. 

I likey these skulls from Landmark. 

My black tree outside by the garden was my "photo wall."

Jacqui poses alone. 

Jae was wearing couture moomoo white gown. 

A group photo.

In my eyes, the best costume goes out to PQ. It was so good that we had to make a story line for him, Maco (cop, actually MMDA) and Jae (white lady).

Someone rings the doorbell. 

I turned him away and as I was getting to leave in my car, he pops up by my window begging for money. The cop sees him. 


"Sama ka sa prisinto!!", says Mang MMDA.
"AHHHHHH!!! Hwag po!!!" Pulubing Puey.

"Sabi nang halika eh!!!!, Mang MMDA.

And then suddenly, Pulubing Puey makes a swift move that has 
Maco grabbing the car for his dear life!!!

Caption this series. 

Read more about our Halloween 2012 in Jody's blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun - wish I was there!

Carmen Watkins said...

wow...i can't wait for when you post your home in full christmas mode:)