Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Camiguin....

Our day started when we rode the ferry from Cagayan De Oro to Camiguin. 

As we waited for other passengers, I noticed young boys swimming between 2 ferries. In my mind, all I could think about it how dirty the water must be. The oil, dirt and chemicals from the ships must be horrible. But the kids didn't seem to mind. They looked like they were having fun. 

And then they start asking us to throw in some money and they will go under to get them. I refused at first but they were so eager to show their skills...and of course, to get some money. 

I grabbed a few coins and threw them in the water. 

And they swam off to get them! I felt like a dolphin trainer! 

They came up announcing how much they got! 
They sounded kinda pissed that I threw in a one peso coins. They asked me to throw more in. And like a fool, I did. I figured, they will use the money to buy food, only to realize that they have the ocean to feed them forever and ever. 

One kid climbed the side of the ship until the top and jumped into the water! Nearly gave me a heart attack. I couldn't help but think about my nephews who are about the same age as these boys. 

And then the scariest thing happened. They started climbing OUR ship! They would just hold on to the rail and ask for money. And then, one even climbed higher than the 2nd level. When we set off, I just heard a splash in the water telling me that he jumped off already. 

And finally, we were off.......

We were picked up at the port by Bahay Bakasyunan driver. His name is George is he is what my auntie and I call, the gem of Camiguin. He is awesome!! 

Do I love the ceiling or what?? It's about a thousand "bunots" and some of them held the lights. It's so cool!!!! 

The place is quite nice! Love the huts. Truly Filipino inspired. 

The villas had a modern touch to it but costs about P2,000 more. 
Everything inside was exactly the same.

May I suggest a few more pillows? The pillows were flat. I think they are the foam kind. I think that the most important part of a hotel/resort is how the client sleeps comfortably. The pillows had a smell to it. Like it wasn't dry enough, which of course, I could smell the whole night. 

They also did not have the usual complimentary bottled water in the room. Instead they sold it in the restaurant. I don't know....I have stayed in lower standard hotel/resorts and the complimentary bottled water is just a MUST. Same goes with the instant coffee and electric water kettle. It wasn't made available to the guests. 

You must also bring insect repellant because the mosquitos do get in the rooms. 

But all  in all, I think that if one goes to Camiguin, Bahay Bakasyunan is the BEST place to be. They have a lovely pool that kids will enjoy and the manicured garden and huts made me feel like I really was on vacation. 

More to follow....

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