Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mantigue Island and Ardent Hot Springs.

To continue about my Camiguin adventure with Larbs, Stella and Manolo, after our Katibawasan Waterfalls trip, we were brought by George, our driver, to Mantigue Island Nature Park. It is a 25-30 minute boat ride to the island. The waves were quite rough so by the time we got to the island, we were drenched. Best to bring waterproof bags to protect your camera, phone and towels. 

It seems to me that this place is a rest or starting point for divers. So if you aren't a diver, it's alright to skip this place. 

Inside the entrance, you can find a sari-sari store, toilets (without light, flush, proper locks and running water). Better be prepared to really rough it up OR not go to the toilet at all. 

Off to one side of the island is a pretty decent swimming area BUT make sure you wear aqua shoes. It ain't Boracay sand. I am actually quite surprised that my feet didn't get cut. 

The water was warm and calm.

Our Camiguin buddies, Stella and my godson, Manolo. 

Larbs, is such a great travel companion. Can't wait for our next trip. Maldives? 

Never fail to strike a pose. 

Before we headed back to our hotel, George takes us to Ardent Hot Springs. My auntie heard about the hot springs of Camiguin and really wanted to see it. 

Upon entering the gates, I was distracted by the scent. I know that hot springs really have a bad odor due to the volcanic activity in the area but the smell is not of rotten eggs, as it should be. It was the smell of piss. We ventured on inside hoping to find something worth writing to home about. 

The toilets. I didn't want to go near it.

The landscape needs work.

The constant thought of foreigners seeing this made me cringe the whole time I was there. 

I said it once and I will say it again....


The hot springs that naturally flowed down the mountain has been turned into a 3 part swimming pool area with a bridge. 

They have picnic tables for rent. P70.00. Not sure if I want to lay down food in a place like this. 

I have to tell you that there were so many instances during this trip of mine that I wished I were the mayor. I would destroy all these ugliness, at the most, hire a landscape artist and let the hot springs flow naturally. 

C'mon CAMIGUIN...let's step up and bring in tourists to your city!!! 

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