Friday, October 29, 2010

LOOK Magazine!

This issue is hot hot hot!!! It features style icons including my sister,

Janina Dizon-Hoschka
Daphne Paez
Nicole Whisenhunt
Lulu Tan Gan
Ingrid Chua-Go
Nikki Luna
Anne Curtis
Bea Soriano
Georgina Wilson
Anne Gonzalez
Crickette Tantoco
I stayed all of 10 minutes. I apologize for not having stayed longer to party but at least I got my photos and was able to say hello to Mel and a few party peeps.

Editor, Melanie Cuevas.
And because LOOK believes in the talent of Pablo Cabahug, they are sending him to Central St. Martins, London! How cool is that?

Love his work!
Congratulations to Look's 2nd Anniversary!!!

NujNuj Kingdom.

Friends and family of Junjun Ablaza wait for his birthday celebration every year the way every child waits for Christmas.

It has been the talk of the town as to what kind of magic he will do for his "Arabian" themed party.

As usual, I didn't prepare for what I was to wear until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Thank goodness I remember having a purple dress done.

What I loved about the party, besides being with the celebrant, was seeing how much detail was put into the decor. Although it was located by the pool area, and it rained, that didn't hinder Junjun from making sure that every single corner had an Arabian touch to it.

It really is amazing. My dad would have loved the "dancing jasmines".

AG must have had about 2 dozens of these babies.

Dates and assorted nuts were so abundant that I wanted to take them home. They were so good.

My friendships who came

Tessa, Junjun and your bloggerina.

Happy Birthday to one of my very
talented and kindest friends, Junjun Ablaza!

Closet Queen!

Last week NP asked Dennis Lustico and I to come over and help her out with her photo shoot which was happening the week after. Talking about not cramming, which is what I would do.

NP and I have a very good connection which I often joke about with her and her daughters. I have proclaimed myself a daughter therefore what belongs to NP also belong to me. I know that this is really a one sided deal with my side being the winner but it is only in her home when I can truly feel my blue blooded royalty status as Queen.

Seriously though, I love her. She is warm, funny, crazy just like me and has a very generous heart. She and my Mom also got along quite well. I miss my Mom so much but it's women like NP that eases the pain of not having one anymore.

Anyway, let me show you some of my favorite things in our kingdom, for that day at least.

This Valentino bag is to be HANGED for!!!

Fell in love with this AMcQ scarf.
This is NP, when she likes one thing, she will buy it in all the colors available. Valentino scarves that Dennis adored. Missing in this photo is the black one.
Of course, I had to try on EVERYTHING that I could. It's not often that I can play like this.
The earrings and brooch are ooozing with brilliance. Same goes with the brain. BWA HA HA !!!
THE Chanel closet. Nothing but this brand is allowed in this one.
Gulp. There were so much more...I am telling you, SO MUCH MORE but I just couldn't do it! Dennis wasn't helping me lay out the bags. I could only do so much!
As Dennis put it, the whole Africa is in the house. I didn't get to include the scarves and shoes that match.
H marks the spot. With a few Chanel bags included, for all the Hermes lovers out there, this is probably better than an orgasm but for me, I am still a Chanel girl. Maybe because it starts with C.
Never been used. This is so far, my favorite.

Upon arriving home, there is no doubt that I am merely a small time Queen in a far far away place that no one has ever heard off compared to Her Royal Highness, NP.

Next time, I promise to be more masipag and try to document it ALL!!! Shoes, bags, accessories and JEWELRY!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Size Queen! Make Mine BIG!

Be honest, who wants anything small? When it comes to diamonds, BIGGER is always better. Your wallet, FATTER is much much better. A house, a closet, boobs and upper lip (ask Cedric Cid).

Truth of the matter is, we are all size queens and kings. Admit it. That's why when my friend Joel sent me this link, I thought I should share it with you, my fellow Biggies.

I want one!!!!!!

Another Flower Project.

Dressing up a penthouse in one of the most exclusive condominiums in Fort Bonifacio was a challenge. Especially since I only had myself to work on it, no Ginny, no staff.

I went to the market at 8 am to get some vivid colored blooms but I was shocked to see none. Well, almost none.

I had no choice but to get the roses because they were the only colorful ones available. I don't like chrysanthemums.

A photo shoot for one of the high society magazines was to take place and I was asked by to dress up the house with flowers.

I tried to do my best, with little time and help, this was what I came up with. The owner of the unit loved it so I guess, that's all that matters.