Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Close Up White Now.


When I noticed that my teeth were beginning to have that yellowish tint to it, I went to Bangkok to have it whitened. They made this rubber mold of my teeth and I had to put this white gel on it before I sleep.

I did it for a while and noticed a significant change but DARN the pain it caused. It would often send lightning bolts to my teeth because that's the effect of the gel. You are not supposed to make it touch your gums or not supposed to swallow it. How hard is that? Especially when you are sleeping right?

Anyway, been there done that and I can only say that I am super happy upon learning about Close Up White Now. Not only is the packaging ultra sexy, it whitens my teeth instantly. I mean like, right after the first use.

It masks the color of the teeth...but it is not bleach so it is safe to use. Also, the taste is yummy and it fights tooth decay.

At the press launch, as we entered, the photographer would take our photo, teeth showing, of course. After a little talk, they asked us to brush our teeth in a portable sink. It was funny...Isabel Roces and I were glad we went first. Note to self: never have photo taken next to this woman.

After brushing for 2 minutes (they timed us), we headed over the the make up station! When make up was done, they fixed our HAIR!! I was loving it by the minute!!! My kind of event!

And then, photographer took our photos again and made us take home a photo of our teeth before and after. Honestly, I couldn't really tell the difference at that time but I can say that now, after using it for 3 weeks, it has become whiter.

Get instantly whiter teeth with Close-Up White Now, and be ready to get closer… now.


Julie P. said...

Please tell me where I might be able to find this in the U.S.!?!?

sophielq said...

when i first tried closeup white now, i thought it wasn't really very effective since my teeth only got whiter after brushing my teeth. but then i continuously used it (just so i can finish the tube) and turns out, it really is effective with continuous use! very cool! :)